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By June 30, 2008 Blog

Here are some comments form participants in the recent Sirit of Money  class. It was so awesome!

We have several opportunities to  get in on this for you! See below…

“Since this class has started my business has exploded. Clients galore. Wow, this is so exciting.” Chris Sherrod

“I am really enjoying this course. Lots of great energy and lots of fun.” – Spirit of Money participant

“One of the best things I have gotten out of this class is from one of the first sessions. Either Amy or Nan was saying this class was about getting into the flow of the spirit of money, and it was just a specific example of the broader concept of getting into the flow of whatever we want in our life. I never thought about it that way, and I took it to heart.”
I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how really valuable this has been for me. I do feel I am making some shifts. Thank you so much!” – Spirit of Money participant

“I was on the live call for session # 7 and it was sooooooooooo amazing and enlightening…I shall never think of debt in the same way again…..THANK YOU !!!!!! – “Sally Johnson, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Hi Nan,

Thank you and Amy so much.  I enjoyed the class thoroughly and though I was only on one live call, I experienced every bit as much as if not more with the recordings.

I want to continue this work and it is optimal for me to go through the Spirit of Money class again…    I have learned so much and LOVED the clearings so I know I will continue to shift as I repeat the class. Thanks once again and in the words of one famous character….

May the Force be with you!” Believing in Possibilities Beyond My Wildest Imaginings, Cat”

“Hi Nan,  I like listening to the calls multiple times,
Thank You
Rich Valente”

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So what will you choose?

Time to clear your mind, merge with your powerful energy and go on a fun ride through life with MOney as your ally!!