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Want to dialogue with the Universe?

By July 8, 2008 Blog

You can ‘dialogue’ with anything! Everything is one, is energy , is connected. The real easy and fun way to Create your own reality now is to realize that you as an energy being can connect, merge or communicate with any other energy. Since everythign is energy, that means the Multiverse is your playground, so to speak!

Life is supposed to be easy and fun, this does NOT mean that you never encounter what we perceive as ‘challenges’, but they are not bad and they do not have to be ‘problems’, unless you choose to make them so. So here is your inspired action for the day, and it will make your life more fun, easy and thrilling than you ever imagined, really!!!


Cultivate your connection to all other forms of energy/life and create a space inside you for easy, juicy co-creation every day!

Ease of manifestation happens when you choose to cooperate with the energies of your being and the Mulitverse (universes). Whether you wish to form a bond with the spirit of money, a new car, true love…whatever unseen energies you would like to communicate with, co-create or merge with…it all starts with creating a space inside you (like we did in one of the first Spirit of Money classes…now available on audio!).

Get quiet, be peaceful and then invite the universe to communicate with you, and wait to see what you feel or see or hear. It may not come at all the first time, keep asking, the answer may show you as you shop in the grocery store, or right that minute, but as you do this and ask questions and look for answers you will start to feel the energy/presence of the universe and it will most definitely get more ‘real’, more ‘present’ and palpable to you. It is a fun process and very uplifting when you begin to receive the responses.

You can also do like I did with everyone in class #7 of The Spirit of Money; ask the universe to stand next to you and sense it till l you feel it, then ask a question, and be open to the answer or even start writing and see what comes through that way.

Last step..believe what you get, trust yourself and do not second guess and explain away what you receive, it is real, and you are a vibrational interpreter, you do it all the time when you hear, taste, smell and so on, this is the same thing!

In this way you begin to fine tune your senses, know yourself and it will be easier and easier to connect with the energies you desire when you are creating something in your life! It’s a happy, benevolent, loving Multiverse, it is all here willing ready to co-create with you…it’s your turn to tune in and play!
Let me know what happens!
Joyful Love,

One Comment

  • Dean Delker says:

    Thanks Nan. You inspired me to write the following:

    I’m pregnant.

    Dean, Dean, Dean. Don’t you mean ‘we’re pregnant’ as in your wife is pregnant and together you’re expecting?

    No, my wife’s not going to have a baby unless its going to be a miraculous birth I don’t know about. I’ve been fixed.

    I mean I’m pregnant.

    I’ve conceived something (actually more than a few
    things) in the unseen realm, the faith realm, the quantum Field, etc., and they’re in various stages of gestation. They are growing inside me. And I’m taking my pre-natal energy vitamins and nourishing and feeding them inside me.

    It occurred to me this morning though it’s time to make more of a place for them in the outside, physical, sensory world.

    When a baby is in the mother’s womb, and it’s late in her pregnancy what do she and the father do? Don’t they love buying baby stuff and fixing up the baby’s room. And don’t they even make room in their lives for the new life to come forth.

    I think we want to do the same thing for everything we desire to deliberately manifest in our lives. We want to create a space and a welcome environment for them to come forth.

    And you don’t wait to start loving that child when they take their first breath. Sure you get a high beyond all highs when you see him or her in the flesh, and your love swells to new heights, but I bet you were loving them before that. I know you rejoiced when the child kicked and you were very grateful even while they were still growing inside.

    Should it be any different for all the other great things you are seeking to bring forth into the world?

    What all this means to you will vary, of course, but I think if you start thinking of your internal creations as your babies, loving them, being grateful, and treating them right you will become a much better manifestor, and the whole of creation will see the great results.

    Love and Blessings,

    Dean Delker – The Dean of Easy Street