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Clearing your energy resonates out in to the world!

By July 9, 2008 Blog

In the Spirit of Money class we had breakthroughs and consciousness shifts happen daily! When you clear out your energy, like anything else, you are clearer and have more power.

“Better keep yourself clean and bright. You are the window through which you must see the world.” George Bernard Shaw

You see the world through the filter of your chosen beliefs and as such, it is like your mind is a window or a pair of sunglasses. Ever tried to see out of a dirty window, through a smudged pair of sunglasses? How about one of those bathroom type windows where the glass is swirled or designed so everything you see through it is distorted?

Good example of how we create our reality .If you are trying to create an abundant happy, love filled life but you are looking through a dirty ‘window’ (one filled with beliefs like “I am not good enough” or “money is hard to get and keep” or “I am not pretty or smart enough to love”) no matter how much you wish, you will not be able to merge with the life you truly want. Clean your window, clear your mind, choose your fuel.

Miracles happen when you know they can, because then you see them, you allow them to ‘be’ in your life. Clearing beliefs is one huge and powerful thing we do in the Spirit of Money class, which you can now get on audio. You also get the amazing “Reboot your inner Money Machine” audio activation FREE ($39.97) when you buy the audios!

If you want to clear your mind and install empowering views and a crystal clear window in your energy field in the area of money, check out the  next Spirit of Money class: Living the Spirit of Money: phase of integration. It is only one night on July 15th … join us and  clear your energy field..it works for money and every other area of your life!

Check in later this week to see the “miracle’ of belief and energy clarity I experienced here in France where I am for 6 weeks. It is stunning!