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By July 14, 2008 July 17th, 2008 Blog

Tomorrow night , Amy Grant and I are having a new class in the Spirit of Money series. It was such an amazing and powerful experience, so we are doing a one night, 90 minute class called “Living the Spirit of Money: enter the Phase of Integration” (you can still sign up…in fact you can get this for freee…see below!). It is all about taking the energy that you are and the energy that the concept of money is and integrating it so you live in ‘har-money’ with it daily. This is really powerful…let’s talk about energy for a moment…

We are energy, and I speak about this a lot. I love that my own world, perceptions, experiences and feelings all come from my own energy field, it is comforting and empowering. It is THE way to find ‘control’ (i dislike the word control, as so many people have issues where they think if they control others and outside circumstances, they can make them selves happy, and they can;t…ever) however, being in tune with  and directing your own energy field is being in control of your own thoughts, emotions actions and so on.

When you live from the space of knowing you are an energy system, and you are a part of and always connected to the divine, infinite source of all energy, you have a completely different view of life, and your purpose, Imagine for a moment, if this seems strange to you, that instead of believing that you are a body that has no control or input in to the world around you and you are doomed to live with what randomly shows up, that you are actually the ‘projector’ through which the ‘movie’ of your life is being created.

You are actually a vortex that draws in energies, mixes them together in your own unique mix and delivers them out into the 3-D world. Your body is a cooperative group of energies all working together to create an energy interpreting machine so to speak, that can draw in, focus and project energies in any form it/you wants. In movie terms, you are the writer, director, crew, set designer, costume designer, producer photographer and actor in your own movie. Your body is what you create, project and experience all life through, what you both project your movie from as well experience it through, like a 4-D movie.

I recently read in Eckart Tolle’s “Power of Now” that your body is vital to your experience, to ‘be in’ your body more than your mind. It is interesting , as I am a big proponent of getting out of your mind and realiziing that you are not your thoughts, and if you were in my Spirit of Money class, you know that! I love the idea though, that even though, we are also, not our body, we are vitally connected to it as a vehicle, as a tool as a way to experience this dimension of reality. It makes it an easy way to feel your energy and be in the ‘now’…focus on our body. As i say “feel the sensations throughout your body” as a way to begin to connect to your energy field. When you do this, then you can begin to consciously direct your life and your experiences.

Best of all you can make choices like connecting to the Spirit of Money…and allow money and love and joy and whatever you want, to flow in to your life experience with joy and ease.

Come join us tomorrow night and ntegrate a whole new positive, empowering co-creative living experience with The Spirit of Money.

Go to “Living the Spirit of Money: enter the Phase of Integration” (http://bethespiritofmoney.com/integration/) and Meet your personal money management team and let them do the work for you!

There are enegy systems our there wanting to merge with you and assist you in creating the reality you desire right now! Join us and let it flow!

Here is something that I got in an email today, I wanted to share it:

“The Self
Reveals Itself
To Itself
By Itself
For Itself
As Itself”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

In other words: ” Follow the energy of your being.”

P.S. If you want to go one deeper, sign up
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We’ll see you there!