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Hear what is being said about the Spirit of Money class tonight

By July 15, 2008 Blog

Today is the day, tonight is the “Living the Spirit of Money: Enter the phase of integration” class…I am sooo excited! This is going to be so jammed packed with action!

I have so much running through me, so much I want to share, and yet…well, please join us tonight, you can sign up here: http://bethespiritofmoney.com/integration/

I am excited for many reasons, i will tell you a few, but mainly what I wanted to share with you today is what some of the people who have taken the Spirit of Money class had to say.

I am excited because I get turned on by empowering myself and others and seeing and feeling the changes that occur. I love to see people go from fear and anger, to joy and personal power. I love to see people take  a chance, be willing to step outside their norm and do what most people aren’t, to start creating their reality with power and purpose.

The Spirit of Money has inspired so much in me, my life, and the people who have been a part of this journey so far! I can’t describe what an amazing and delicious feeling it is to tune in to your own energy and power and then line up with the frequencies of money and love, joy and health…. Everything is energy and in this and all the Spirit of Money classes, group coaching, audio courses etc., we are all about taking you into your own energy system and fine tuning it till you can align with any energy you desire (money, love, friendship, jobs, travel, kids, health, self worth…), naturally, easily, joyfully!!

So here is some of what the class participants had to say, I hope you will become one of the money empowered group too!! (Also see below, you still have time to get this class free!)

~”Amy & Nan –  Thank you so much for the incredible Spirit of Money teleclass.  I learned soooo much!!  I believe it has changed by life.  I must share with you some results I’ve experienced in my business since beginning the class.  I am a real estate investor and I sell my homes on a Lease Purchase Basis.  I had been really struggling with my business, but since beginning the class I filled 2 of my properties with great tenant buyers, sold a property for a profit of 35K and getting ready to close on another sale for a profit for of 25K.  I’d say the spirit is flowing!!  Thank you both sooo much!!”

“Hello Nan and Amy,  I’m so very excited!!!!
From the last class I cannot remember which of you told us to ask for $5.00 and let it come. Well it happened…..I won five dollars in the lottery!
wow and now I will buy my fish and bowl with it! 
thanks so much! Beverly V. Monroe”

“Hi Nan
I loved the connection you did with the spirit of money session 7, I think I got or I’m getting shifted now ,(another, and another one, and here comes another real big one,,,i’m joking). Yesterday after listening to session 7 I felt to continue meditate
before going to bed. so I was doing this kind of deep breathing, asking my chakras to open up, it was quite a long the whole process, and then I felt bizarrely happy, like i know i did it, I’m in it, I just know it. It feel like “I trust” about it all . thank you again,,, you and Amy. I will join you all on july 15 for Living the Spirit of Money class…”beinthespiritofmoney”…I’m sooo grateful. limor”

“Hi Nan,
Thank you for the wonderful, powerful clearing you shared with us last night. It created a hugh shift in me. In the past whenever I thought about having money and prosperity I used to get a tight uncomfortable feeling in my body. After doing the clearing last night, I thought about being prosperous and having money and I felt truely excited and had a wonderful positive feeling in my body. This is amazing and so much fun! Thank you again for the wonderful words and energy that are enabling me to align with who I truely am. I just downloaded the replay of the call, so I will listen to it again and again and really open myself up to being who I truly am.
Love & Gratitude

“I think I am already in the flow.  I am just increasing capacity at the moment.
The mindset is wonderful.  My wife and I are buying a new bed and she
wants one that is three times as expensive as one almost like it.  My
initial reaction was that she was out of her mind, then I thought
about where my flow level was so I let go.  I found out yesterday I am
getting an (unexpected) $5-$6 thousand bonus (before taxes, depending
on the stock price on 6-30) at work.  So, flow on.
S. T.”

That’s just a few, so why not join us?  http://bethespiritofmoney.com/integration/

Our Mission is to: Show you how to live in the flow with Money as your ally, day to day. Integrate a whole new positive, empowering co-creative living experience and relationship with The Spirit of Money. and enjoy life as you were meant to!

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