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Two Visionaries Press release

By July 16, 2008 Blog

Check out the following press release:

Two Visionaries Show you How to Live in The “Spirit of Money”

Added: (Tue Jul 15 2008)

Following the raging success of the Spirit of Money teleclass, spiritual healers Nan Akasha and Amy Scott Grant are announcing their newest joint effort: a Spirit of Money small group coaching program. For less than the cost of private individual coaching with either Akasha or Grant, participants can join a live teleclass each week for one month, to receive personalized coaching, clearings for limiting beliefs, and specific guidance related to Living the Spirit of Money.

The Spirit of Money teleclass received rave reviews by participants, and the duo plans to create follow up programs related to the Spirit of Money.

“We’ve tapped into something majestic here, and we are prepared to see exactly how far it wants to go, remarks co-creator Amy Scott Grant. Grant is also the creator of RoadTripToRiches.com, a membership site dedicated to raising prosperity consciousness through mindset shifting methods and simply powerful money attraction techniques.

On Nan Akasha’s flagship website, CreateYourOwnRealityNow.com, she offers a variety of interactive and experiential classes, energetic activations, workshops and vibrational enhancements. Akasha remarks, “If people knew how powerful they really are, right now, and learned to tap in to their energy field and then to other energies, such as money, it would blow their mind. The Voice of Money has a lot to say, and it’s all good news.  I’m delighted to be able to share it with the world.

Grant and Akasha aren’t the only ones who are energized by this new found resource. Real estate investor Michele Ashton Dysert is both impressed and excited about the results she’s producing from following the teachings of Akasha and Grant.

When asked to relate her experience as a participant in the Spirit of Money teleclass, Dysert writes: I had been really struggling with my business, but since beginning the class I filled 2 of my properties with great tenant buyers, sold a property for a profit of $35K and getting ready to close on another sale for a profit for of $25K. I’d say the spirit is flowing!

In order to maintain an intimate setting and allow for full participation from the group, Grant and Akasha are limiting the total number of participants to just twelve in the Spirit of Money Small Group Coaching. Weekly sessions begin on Thursday, August 14th at 8PM Eastern time. To sign up and participate, visit this link: http://BeTheSpiritOfMoney.com/groupcoaching

A recorded version of the four-week, eight-session Spirit of Money teleclass led by Amy Scott Grant and Nan Akasha can be purchased at a discounted rate at this website: http://BeTheSpiritOfMoney.com