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Want your own personal money management team working 24/7?

By July 17, 2008 Blog

Do you know you have a personal money management team? It’s true! The best part is:

1. They are free

2. They have unlimited resources

3. They have unlimited time

4. They have unlimited knowledge

5. They have unlimited numbers

6. They have unlimited energy

7. They are there 24/7 JUST FOR YOU!!!!

Have you been allowing them to assist you? Do you give over your money qworries, job hunt, customer search or marketing ideas to a team that works while you sleep, eat, vacation or play with your kids?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!! Really! I have just discovered this myself, and it is truly amazing and available to everyone!

Tuesday evening I taught the amazing “Living the Spirit of Money’ phase of integration” class with Amy Grant of newsuccess.org. In the class we did the most stunning and powerful activations and clearings. These are energetic attunements and installations like you have never seen, heard of or experienced, This approach to money has never ever been shared and it is transforming lives in minutes!

One guided activation I did with everyone, and had done earlier that day with myself, was called “Meeting your personal Money management team” (PMMT for short). We work with energy, because it is the source and the essence of all that is, so it is the smiplest and easiest way to create, change and direct your life.

There are unseen energies all around and no matter what your particular word for them is, Angels, Guides, your higher self, God, source, quantum particles, they are conscious, sentient and ever present. And these energies are benevolent and ready and willing to assist you. In fact they are almost waiting around for you to ask for them to help and to allow their help. When you ask, it is given, ever heard that? Well, energies that are not in physical dimensions are not limited by things like, time, space and rest. So once you call in and assemble your personal money management team, they can be workig for you 24/7!

You can allow them to help with all kinds of thing, get creative! Here are a few, tell me if you come up with more!

Finding a new job, attracting perfect customers, finding new office space/emplyees…anythign to do with your business, finding loans, invesotrs and money for all kinds of projects. Bringing in new customers, showing you ways to work less hours and make more, getting a raise …it goes on and on! Are you getting the picture yet?

So now you turn most of your worries and jobs over to your energetic PMMT…what do you do? Well, you enjoy life and stay present in the moment and in your so you can be totally AWARE when the opportunities and resources present themselves. You follow the trail of clues that your PMMT lays out for you, and take the inspired actions!

You can meet and install your own PMMT now, get the audio of the class here: