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Everything is ours for the choosing

By July 23, 2008 Blog

I wanted to share some more insights from the people who have taken the Spirit of Money class…which is now selling like hotcakes on audio! ( go to http://bethespiritofmoney.com/) I cannot stress enough what an unusual and completely new way of looking at money this is. I am totally rewiring my own money thoughts, feelings and pathways!

Here’s an email from a class participant and my answer…enjoy and let me know what you would like to hear more of!

“I loved in session #4 where Amy you discussed how it is assumed that we already know everything is ours for the choosing.

Also I loved the phenomenal clearing Nan did. In the meditation I felt very clearly that I had a ball in my chest that was the whole Universe and it just got bigger and bigger and radiated in all directions from my body – it felt so wonderful. I laughed the other day when I found the perfect parking spot and gave thanks – I then realized no wonder I got it as I carry the whole Universe inside me!

I would like to know any ideas you have for my making practical use of both of these new ideas. I was given the gift of the Universe for a reason, i just don’t know how to make best use of it. Thanks.”

Nan: “l Love your experience…and yes, you are the whole Universe, and keeping that thought, concept, fresh in your mind and being is a very powerful. It means you have everything you want, it means you are the creator of your world and it means you have all the resources available to you …now all you have to do is keep that AWARENESS present in your day to day.
Being in the moment is about tuning in to how you feel, who you are, your energy and how it fluctuates. If you keep your awareness just outside of your mind, you will be in the moment, not controlled by the moment.
When you operate/act/think from the space “I have and am everything”, then you operate/act/think differently…and as you do that more and more you trust more and more that great things just show up…and now you are the space- the now – to see them and join them!
Mostly we think we do not get what we want and there is lack because we are so busy worrying that we do not see and feel the awesome opportunities that show up almost every moment of the day! Getting out of your mind, realizing you are not your thoughts, body or even your emotions, you are the driver, the energy, the fuel the spirit behind that and you can be in control of your thoughts, body or even your emotions.
So practical use is to infuse your daily life with this awareness and then enjoy the ride…moment to moment, in the knowing you are the Universe and you are expanding it and can enjoy it every moment. Way fun, huh?!
If you find you are interested in the group coaching we can get into specifics just for you!”

A reminderl we have the Spirit of Money Small Froup Coaching starting on August 14th. This will be truly amazing, because the participants will be able to deal personally with their specific issues. Also we will take working with your personal money management team (which we met in the Living the Spirit of Money: phase of integration” class….yes that is also available on audio now, go to http://bethespiritofmoney.com/integration/ ) to a whole new level! It is going to be a phenomenal ride!

Thanks to everyone who has experienced these classes and is so generous in sharing their powerful experiences…this is soooo fun!

Come join the ride!