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Meet Your Money Muse

By July 27, 2008 April 27th, 2009 Blog

Want a whole new relationship with money?

Want to have money that is dependable, fun, happy and abundant? Want money to inspire you to the right thoughts, feelings and opportunities. Want to know money is always there for you and how to receive it?

Total Wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse Program It is the next level of change in your relationship with money. After my hit class last Summer, Spirit of Money,
I was inspired to create a program to eliminate the #1 cause of failure, stress, illness, depression, divorce! My 5 Week Tele-class blows the lid off  Negative Money Challenges and explodes what is possible for you and wealth!

Meeting Your Money Muse may sound simple, but it is powerful and produces joyful results! We are all raised with negative feelings and beliefs about money. It’s no wonder the  most worries, the most pain, divorces and arguments are about money. You can change your relationship with money and change your whole life. You will find more joy, inner peace and happiness once you discover you can be happy, inspired loving and healthy while money flows abundantly in your life.

Experience the freshest, most fun and powerful way to dump the past, step into your wealth and experience exceptional results.

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