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“at last breaking through past relationship to money prison”

By August 6, 2008 Blog

Want to break through your past relationship with money? Want a whole new perspective and feeling about money? Want money to be your ally and friend, a joyful co-creator in life rather than an unattainable pipe dream?

There are no words for how The Spirit of Money class has changed my life, Amy, my co-facilitator’s life and all the people who have taken the step to join us on this journey of clearing past energies with money and finding your true spiritual connection to something we all need to function in life.

Here is one participants words on how it has affected her and her life. I invite you to join us on this journey, the next departure is August 14th, check it out!

“Amy and Nan,

I am still in such a deep place since the Living the SOM call Tuesday night that I can hardly speak or write about it.
And it feels wonderful to be there.

But I have to tell you
-1- how incredibly incredible you both were.
It was the best run, best content, most powerful and most effective class I have ever taken, and I am a teleclass junkie.
and maybe even more important
-2- how beyond generous you have been.  The downloads today were beyond any level of giving I have encountered.
Did I get my money’s worth?? How about a million times over.
Am I at last breaking through my past-relationship-to-money-prison?  Just in time, since I am 65 years old, and in less financial security than ever before in my life.
Is everything changing?  Beyond any doubting. Beyond any fearing.  And in the most deeply spiritual ways possible. I never dared dream those two worlds (money and spirit) belonged together.  Life feels like it is just beginning.  I feel like Miranda in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.  Her beautiful line is, “O Brave new world that hath such wonders in’t”.
And you are at the top of the list of those wonders.
Thank you for surrendering your hearts and spirits to this work in the way that you have.
Thank you for your immense generosity, your transparency, your brilliant insights, and your  fun-loving presence.

Next up is Small Group Coaching, an excellent way to get personal attention and amazing breakthroughs…work with your Personal Money managnemnt team and more!

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Living the Spirit of Money” phase of integration was an unbeleivable, knock down, drag out power plant of a class…so many tools and activations for you to use, you will open to so much help form the universe on money you will be stunned! Get the audio now, including all activation portions of the audio separated out for you, for ease and daily usage!

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