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Gifts for you on prosperity day!

By August 8, 2008 Blog

Today is a wonderful day of energies lining up! I wish to share it with you, as it is a beneficial time to not only tune in to your own energies, but to align with the energies that are around you to boost and enhance your vibrational rate and bloom to a new level of prosperity and joy. The lining up of three “8”‘s creates a very special vibration and I am including some wonderful prosperity and joy ideas and gifts for you below, please share these with your loved ones and enjoy the richness of every moment! You are RICHLY BLESSED!!

1. A wonderful fellow energy worker, Amy Flynn of  allaboutenergy.com sent me some information I wanted to share with you about today’s energy and where you can find a lovely meditation to join in on:   ” Julie Johnson of Law of Attraction Talk Radio has put together a special meditation for everyone to capture the energies of this date and amplify their money results in their life. Go anytime during the day… but especially at 8:08 am or 8:08 pm YOUR TIME. FREE: August 8, 2008 (8-8-8) is a very auspicious day for prosperity and power in feng shui.  Eight is also a highly energetic number for manifestation.

To send out prosperity and abundance to the world, go to www.lawofattractiontools.com and just listen.  Relax, enjoy, feel the love and feel the wealth as we allow in all energy. For optimal advantage, please write down in 1 sentence of your precise intention to be used during the meditation.

Wow, thanks Amy and Julie! I will join with all of you in merging our energies for a huge opening and shift in prosperity consciousness today. Here is my intent:

“I open my heart and energies to the fullest expression of love, joy and prosperity in every level and dimension. I expand my prosperity consciousness, I share my inner and outer wealth and I merge with the spirit of money. I take this highest level of divine vibration and send it out in to the multiverses inviting all those who desire to join in the opening to and receiving of the divine bounty that is our natural state. I am love, joy, wealth and I expand that out infinitely, living in the frequency of ease, grace, abundance. I now see and feel divine guidance that leads me moment by moment to all I desire. I embrace my wealth in all areas of life and see all others doing the same.”

2. My next prosperity ‘gift’ to you today is worth $177.00 and so much more… infinite amounts, really! My Spirit of Money courses with Amy Scott Grant are empowering, life transforming and fun. Next week, August 14th we start the Small Group Coaching course. If you take the leap of faith, believe in yourself and give yourself the gift of joining us and completely transforming your relationship with money, I will reward you!

Sign up for the class and i will give you a one hour private coaching session with me FREE!!! That is worth $177.00, and most likely so much more, because you will expand your awareness and therefore enrich your life.

Here is how to do it: go to bethespiritofmoney.com/groupcoaching now and sign up. Then send me an email at [email protected] letting me know you signed up because of the 8-8-8 blog and you would like to step up to your true prosperity now and take advantage of your free coaching session with me. That’s all! I am sooo looking forward to seeing your prosperity grow and your money flow!

3. Finally my last ‘gift’ to you today is a way to FEEL the joy,beauty and love that is you. This song so deeply moved me that I instantly merged with the moment and was moved to tears. I felt the beauty in everything, the life force pouring through me and all things, and I was immersed in divine love. This is the state we are meant to be in, live in, explore, experience and create in. So get this song, and pull out any others that move your soul and fill your heart with love, and give yourself the gift of a prosperous life by being in that feeling as much as you can.

Artist:  Man In The Moon
Song Title:  Feel My Love (feat. Oil S.)
website:  http://sine-music.com/

So, my most abundant, loving and rich blessings to you on this day of beautiful energies. Enjoy each moment, enjoy yourself, share the wealth that is you.

Namaste! Nan

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