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Move into the fullness of your True Identity

By August 11, 2008 Blog

“Move into the fullness of your True Identity, and

watch your whole life change.”

Neale Donald Walsch

I am enjoying moving in to the fullness of myself these days. It is not always easy to get there, as I have things come up and past issues surface. Yet I am moving these energies through me and in to the divine love that surrounds us at all times. I am trusting life at a deeper level and look more and more often through eyes of love.

I am feeling my way into life, not finding my own way through life.

This is a huge distinction!

I am feeling the unique and amazing energies that are lining up with my small coaching Spirit of Money class that starts this Thursday August 14th (you can still sign up and join us!!!). Each of the courageous people who have chosen to change their lives and join the group is alreay sending out their personal frequency becaus rehy made a choice, a committment. The decision they made has started to shift their energies already, and from across the globe we are meeting in the etheric and we are blending to form a totally new, expanded higher vibration. Our authentic selves are joining forces and magical things are going to happen! Can you feel it? Who else is ready to join in? I get goosebumps just talking about it!

Why are they courageous? Because they are willing to step up and take charge of their life, they are open to change, to challenging their beliefs and clearing what no longer serves them. They are willing to talk about money and how they have experienced it before and where they want to go with it. While most people are so caught up in the intellect, rules and ‘should’s’ in our society that they can’t even say “I want money” or disucss money without feeling uncomfortable in some way.

I am beginning to feel the delicious energy that this special group will create. It is all about how you feel, your energy. It is about being willing to let go of what others think and want and following your inner voice, feeling and spirit to your true inner identity. And yes, your whole world will change.
Are you willing to let go of perceived security? Let go of what most people think and do and step out on to your own unique path of life? Tune in to your own personal vibration. You have your own song, your own tune, it is beautiful, abundant, joyful and radiant. Tune in now and begin then choose to new paths that perhaps are not the most comfortable at first, but you can sense they will empower you. Step out of your comfort zone and into your light, it is brilliant there.

Maybe you feel you are meant to join us? Tune in to the energies beginning to swell…the Spirit of Money is already aligning with us and amassing benevolent and powerful energies to assist all of us in the class to make shifts never seen or felt before.

Are you meant to co create with us? Is your inner voice whispering to you to mesh your unique energy with ours? If you think so, don’t hesitate, join us now!

If not, look for something that does resonate with you and go do it, now. Take the step in to the light, it is fun, exciting and you will meet the most amazing being there; you!!!

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