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the infinite beauty of life

By August 12, 2008 Blog

Oh the infinite beauty of life, the infinite beauty of you…I am overwhelmed with the fullness of the moment, the intensity of love. I am in love and it is so expansive and wondrous, and i feel love from all things, trees, there was this amazing huge, ancient tree tonight at Versailles where I attended a beautiful show in the gardens. I looked at this tree and thought of all it had seen and felt and experienced, all the people, kings, Marie Antoinette, visitors, rioters it had seen go by. And here it still was, not judging, just being, and loving and trusting. So full of life.

I have been immersed in the love of my partner/boyfriend/beloved…whatever name you want to use. He is the most appreciatetive person I know, and I reap the benefits of it! See one recent blog here. He is kind, romantic and loving. he is real, he knows and loves himself and he is a good receiver. This makes him even more joyous to love. I feel love energy pouring through me when I look at him, when he kisses my neck, holds my hand, looks in my eyes.

I was deeply moved by a song the other day, (I shared it with you in this blog, get it, it is awesome)..it took me so deeply in to the moment, into infinity, source, the Divine.. I felt the love that moves through all things bathing my every cell, and my energy pulsing with joy. I could not think, I was out of my mind and into my spirit, connected to all. Oh the infinite beauty of life…it is always there and what we are. Chris, my love, immediately went online when he saw how moved I was and bought me the album, and then played it for me…love moves through me and comes from all directions.

A good friend and soul traveler had her 60th birthday today and she had a party that transcended the earth plane and expanded the collective! I was there in spirit and could feel the love that was pouring to her and from her, all my love and best wishes Natasha! You are part of the beauty of my life!

I wrote a blog a while back that someone commented on today (“i am impress of this thanks. you are a real gem”), so I went and re-read it, I think you will enjoy it as well, check it out here: “Celebrate love…”

I just had to share my moment of deep joy immersed in the infinite love and beauty of life…as I said in the Celebrate love blog;

“want everyone to know that no matter what you think or feel right now, you can have the love, the joy, the support, the acceptance, the romance, the thrill, the peace, the unconditional energy that you truly desire. It is out there.” Nan Akasha

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