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money, law of attraction & the power of your thoughts

By August 13, 2008 Blog

Is law of attraction working for you in the area of money?

“We’re losing our homes because we can’t pay our loans.
We’re cringing each time we have to fill up our gas tanks.
We’re shocked by the escalating prices of our groceries.
We’re getting less overtime at our jobs.
Our expenses are going up and our savings accounts are slowly depleting.

So how did we get into so much trouble with our money? We didn’t realize how powerful our thoughts are!”
Abraham Hicks “Money and the Law of Attraction”

I am getting ready to co-facilitate with Amy Scott Grant of newsuccess.org the next exciting Spirit of Money class (Thursday August 14th 7PM Central) ; Small Group Coaching. and I wanted to share a few things with you:

1. An opportunity       2. A new book by Abraham       3. An insight

1. There are a few spots that opened up in the small group coaching tomorrow, and I wanted you to know right away! But that is great news for you! You can still get in on this intimate setting and powerhouse energy that is going to take us all to a new level of creating, receiving and being with Money.

I love how law of attraction and the Universe works; just the right people and energies align. Are you meant to be one of these courageous people? Come line up with your Money now!http://bethespiritofmoney.com/groupcoaching/index.html

2. Abraham and jerry and esther hicks just came out with a new book on Money and Law of Attraction. I do not get anything from telling you this, except that I want you to know about all the resources and uplifting materials that are out there, to support your prosperous, joyful life! Here is a little about it and where to go buy it and get a bunch of bonuses too! I am going to get it for sure! 

“Have you been worrying about your finances and your health? Feel the relief of letting those worries go. As Abraham says, “The abundance and overall Well-Being that you seek is much closer to you than you may know. Your life experience has helped you to define it. Now it’s time for you to allow what you have been asking for to flow into your experience. This book has been written to help you do just that. Relax and enjoy the receiving of all that you desire and deserve.”

In their new book, Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness,  we see how we can deliberately align with the most powerful law in the universe to attract all the wealth, health and happiness that we desire!

HURRY for this limited time offer! Visit Hay House for additional details: http://promos.hayhouse.com/hicks/081208email/

3. Insight: I was listening to my own Spirit of Money classes the other day as I traveled back From Paris. Yes, I listen to and practice what I teach! In fact, I got an insight form my own teaching! It is not surprising though, as I am always changing, growing, evolving, so I can learn from anything, even repeated things, and I am not really the teacher anyway. Spirit, source, the Divine, whatever you want to call it is pouring through me when I tune in and teach, and so sometimes it is like hearing it for the forst time. There is so  much energy and information that pours through in these classes, I can barely keep up myself!

So the insight that I got was that :

“Knowing What you are, by tuning in to your energy field and letting go of your thoughts, the thinking, rationalizing mind, is the direct route to the root of all you desire.” Nan Akasha

Direct. Nothing to “do” per se, just goes there and there you are. Knowing what you are, means not being caught up in seriousness, rationalizing, right and wrong, failures or mistakes, worries or fears. Knowing what you are, is knowing you are infinite, knowing you are source, knowing you are ALL. Period. The all does not need, does not have to stress, make charts, lists and spreadsheets to bring money in. Money flows where attention goes, your attentions, your energy, your RELAXED vibration of pure beingness.

It sounds very “woo-woo”…I suppose, yet it is not, it is simple, but we are used to complicated, we are used to hard work and long time frames. It is just being who you are, puts you in the trust and knowing that you are the energy that creates al things and your focus, relaxed and soft, not forced and intent, are all that are required to have all the money, joy, love, friends…whatever you decide you want to experience.

No attachments no “I have to…”, no “I need to…”, no “I should because…”

My insight was that even with as much as I have relaxed, let go, changed and released, I am still “working”, thinking and needing too hard. It is about relaxing in to it, (my favorite saying in meditations!)…

That is all I can say, ponder it for awhile and see if you can get the feel of what it is i am sharing, it is profound and yet easy and simple. Laugh. Smile. Be happy. Money likes fun!


  • Sara says:

    I really loved reading your insight. I’ve been listening to the Spirit of Money audios for the last few weeks, and part of me just today was thinking that I should be doing something, that it wasn’t enough just to listen and relax. This came at a perfect time for me–thank you!

  • kingsely says:

    my lord.i want to belong and i need money.thank

  • kingsely says:

    anything you need form me. my lord i kingsely we give to you.thank