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Going for Gold

By August 14, 2008 Blog

I have seen very little of the Olympics this time, I used to watch alot. However each time I have watched I have been moved, tonight to tears. I watched an American girl who won a Gold in swimming as the flags went up and the anthym was playing. Believe it or not she did not cry or really emote alot in her face. But you could feel it, you could feel her energy field pulsing, expanding, washing over her and out. It was delightful. I just stood , on my way to my daughters room, and was engaged in the energy, the joy. I merged with the joyous, proud, excited, full, pleasureable feelings and energy that everyone who was watching was feeling. It was bliss. hen I kissed my daughters face off. More bliss.

I love immersing myself into the energy and feeling it to the fullest. One of my favorite sayings to myself is “I love this moment” or “This moment is wonderful”…it plugs me into the moment through the vibration of appreciation and I get to feel more fully the richness of the moment. MMM mmm good. I also recently started saying “Life is so full of beauty and taste it fully”. Yum! I do this to better feel all the levels of energy and ride all the waves of frequency. I do this because it gives me more experience, more sensitivity to the energies that life, the world and I are made of. The more tuned in I am to them, the more I can tune myself in to the energy of what I want. The more I feel delicious, joyful, moved, the more I can recreate it in any moment and therefore attract what I desire.

Tonight on the first spirit of money group coaching call, one thing we did was notice what we are waiting for. What are we using as an excuse, consciously or not, to not go for what you want right now. It can be a judgment you have about yourself that came from the past or others, like you aren’t smart enough, old enough, experienced enough. It might be past perceived failures or lack of success. It might be worrying what others will think, or hoping loved ones will change and agree with what you want to do. Whatever it is, it is not as important as going for what your heart truly desires. It’s gone, past, be in the now and choose to feel good.

People who go for the gold do not get it if they wait. They do not get gold if they try not to lose, they get gold because they play full out. They choose to believe in themselves, they see it, feel it, taste it, live it with all their energy and that they can have what they want and they give it their all.

What are you waiting for in your life that is keeping you from going full out for what you want?

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