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handle anything that comes up and turn it into something good

By August 20, 2008 Blog

I could not have said this better, and was planning something similar, so instead I am sharing an email from my friend Rhonda Ryder at http://www.kidsawakening.com

Check it out and her website too! Wonderful things are everywhere! and see my recent blog on Going for Gold in your life

“… I watched an interview with Michael Phelps after he won his eighth Olympic Gold Medal, making him the Olympic athlete winning the most Gold Medals in history.
Phelps was asked, “What do you think separates the people who are merely gifted from those like you who in this instance, won?”

Here’s what he said…
“For me when I watch other sports, when I watch Tiger Woods, when I watch [tennis player] Roger Federer, when I watch [tennis player] Rafael Nadal, the best athletes can compete under any circumstances.  No matter what it is, no matter what the pressure, you can always overcome whatever is put in your way.”

Notice that Michael didn’t say he worked harder than everybody else or he was in better shape or had a better strategy than his competitors.
Instead, he explained how he does not allow outer circumstances to knock him off his game.
How many of us can say that???
How many times do I hear people complaining about circumstances or external pressures preventing them from pursuing their dreams? (I just caught myself doing it last night!)
I also heard Michael’s coach say during another interview,
“It’s Michael’s ability to handle anything that comes up and turn it into something good.”
Turn it into something good.
I think that’s the golden ticket right there.
Gosh, it’s taken me a long time to learn how to “turn my disappointments into something good” on a consistent basis, but it’s made all the difference in the world. That truly is where you begin to see the magic happening right before your very eyes.

I can’t help but think that “being in the moment” and “focusing on the goal” plays a huge part in these athlete’s abilities to excel to such amazing heights.”
Thanks Rhonda, and all the athletes that have followed their hearts and dreams despite obstacles, and societal concensus that you can’t “do that” and succeed. Remember, if you are your true self, and you follow your good feelings, you are always on track.