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If you’re at war with something, you keep it alive

By August 22, 2008 Blog

“if you’re at war with something, you keep it alive.

“..when you’re at war with the mind… that’s food for the mind.” Hale Dwoskin

Last night on the Spirit of Money group Coaching call we discussed the most amazing new way to align your whole self and get ALL of you moving in the same direction!

You are a creator, your true, higher, source self , the part of you that feels good when all is well, and wants peace, harmony and ease. The biggest part of you often shows itself less than the other parts, because we are usually not taught to live from that, we live through the mind and Ego/personality. Knowing how powerful you are will help you create easier, faster and more precisely, yet aligning your higher self with your ego is even more powerful!

It’s not about the actions you take. It’s about “who you’re being” while you’re taking the actions that matters. Who you are being is about being aligned within yourself and then aligning yourself with what you want (money, love, travel, friends etc). These 2 parts of you are usually in opposition because we either are slaves to our ego’s (controlled by our minds and fears and not able to act, only react) or we fight it, fear it or try to get rid of and not notice our Ego. There are all kinds of self help books and programs that teach how to ignore, repress or remove the ego. I have had some success with some of them. Certainly I am find meditation and being in charge of your thoughts and emotions helpful. Yet the struggle is constant, as Eckart Tolle says you can never fight or get rid of your ego.

Ego and personality are vital to your experience in this dimension, you have to have it to function here, it is your tool of complexity, your ability to do logic, complex, functioning, graphs, schedules, concepts, numbers, man made things and so on. You are meant to use it as a powerful tool, to experience through the ego, but not to live by it. Ego’s are fearful and judgmental, labeling and are here to protect you so the want to keep you from changing. They want to keep you safe and therefore stuck. Ego is the part that says “respect me, I am important, I am going to keep you safe no matter what, so look out, watvh out, don’t do that…”

Your higher self is connected to all and knows it, it knows and feels that life is simple and beautiful, and wonderful. It is the part of you that knows it is able to create anything and can.

Being at war with your ego to try to make peace within you, find happiness and manifest money, love and everythign else you want, only creates more resistence. Your ego and mind become more resolute when you try to change or resist them. SO we have millions who never see change int he way they want, it is just too hard.

Try making an ally out of your ego. You will not convince it to relax, take a vacation or abandon it’s mission. You can however, see if it will alter how it accomplishes it’s mission and work with you!!! Stay tuned for more!!

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