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Aligning your ego and spirit

By August 26, 2008 Blog

Does that sound weird? Aligning two parts of you that seem from the outside to be so different? Well, doesn’t it make sense though? Wouldn’t you like everything you do to be easier and more fun?

Well think about it, if you got your ego to be your ally, like we talked about in last week’s blog “When you are at war with something, you feed it”, you do not have to battle your inner talk, or suppress overwhelming fear, fight procrastination or struggle with addictions! Your ego is a necessary part of you, it is what allows you to function in the 3-D reality within which we experience this life. If you were still just pure spirit, you would not be able to drive a car, figure your bill, dial a phone or write a novel. Your ego or personality, is not your enemy, it is designed to help you experience life here. However, we were never taught how to stay connected to who we truly are and use he ego for what it is good at. Most people are totally controlled by their ego’s.

There are tons of books and courses on how to control, suppress, annihilate, ignore or trick the ego. Some of these can be used with some success. However, what about cooperation? Isn’t it much more exciting to get someone won over to your team and have their skills and work added to your own than fight them?

Well, in Spirit of Money small group coaching we are doing some amazing things with working with your ego! Here are a few steps towards getting your ego aligned with your spirit or higher self, thus making it so much easier to change and release what no longer serves you and focus on what you want.

1. Understand your ego’s purpose. The ego is incredibly strong and committed, it will not back down off it’s ‘assignment’: keeping you safe, in whatever way it has been told by your choices and beliefs it needs to. Even if unpleasant to you, strangely enough.

2. Find our what your ego wants.

3. Find out why your ego does what it does, and then change the motivation,

4. Have a discussion with your ego, and see if it will be willing to listen that it can accomplish it’s job just as well or better by changing some of its programs and methods tobe ones that coincide with what your inner self wants. You will not be able to convince it to stop, or lay off, so be aware that it does not trust you. That is part of it’s job.

5. Get an agreement with your ego and then start working together for what you want most!

If you are interested in more on this powerful technique, let me know, there will be some powerful things coming out on this soon!


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