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Clearing the Negative Relationship with your Ego

By August 27, 2008 Blog

Today I recorded a new audio clearing. It is amazing! It is “Clearing the Negative Relationship with your Ego” and it is part of a set of audios on clearing, commmunicating with and wokring in uinison with your ego.

It is about what we discussed yesterday, aligning your ego and higher self. This has been such a fun and empowering journey, and my co-creator in The Spirit of Money, Amy Scott Grant has a wonderful blog about how she is using this idea for herself and her clients as well. Check out her article to get some tips on how to have a discussion with your ego, like we did in our Spirit of Money group coaching last week.

I am going to offer this clearing audio today for only $9.79…the whole set will be out next week and you will be able to upgrade to it for a discounted price…so get started now by going here (you can hear a sample as well)

Get started clearing your relationship with your ego and get on a path of united forces towards manifesting your dreams!

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