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Celebrate yourself & honor your talents

By October 1, 2008 Blog

“…celebrate your self. Honor the self, and delight in expressing your talents and your gifts.

It is through the happy sharing of your treasures that

you show other people that they are treasured.

Always, always remember that.
Neale Donald Walsh

Honoring yourself is so vital to a joyful, prosperous, healthy, successful life…no matter what you consider success. Why? Well, if we continually play small to not offend, if we downplay our beauty, talents and strengths, we never flourish, we never get to share what we are. When we do ont honor our talents, appreciate and enjoy them, then no one else can truly benefit form them.

Stepping up and being here now, being you now, being strong, competent and fully expressed now….that is true power. That is living your true divine nature, being your purpose, doing what you came here for.

You can’t possibly share your love, your passions, your abilities or make any chnage in the world if you are acting shy, modest, less then.

And why do we act like that? I did it for years, didn’t want to upset anyone, or seem better then them, didn’t want to be ‘too loud, aggressive or overbearing” as my parents would say. Beczause we were told in childhood and maybe beyond to not do, not be, to fit in, to behave, to be quiet, to do what made everyone else feel safe and good.

But sorry, that’s not your purpose, not even close! Your purpose in living this life is NOT to please everyone and make them feel good. Shocking , I know, because we are told that is what we should do to be a “good” person. Well, of course, if we behave in a way that is not big, bold, happy, strong, excited…then they get to continue in their fear, their lack of self esteem and feel safe, because we aren;t having a blast in front of them!!

Ever notice people in general hate happy people? Ha! They do, because they think it is a reflection on them, because it makes them think their life isn’t good. But what ‘they’ think, feel and do, is not our responsibility. We can’t change anyone, we can;t make anyone feel any way at all, that is their choice.

So, it is your choice to be you, to feel good, to love yourself, to uncover your talents and passions, to live with purpose, to be happy and joyful and prosperous. Are you doing that? Or are you playing small so as not to upset or offend?

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