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this is NOT for you to read

By October 2, 2008 Blog

Hi, please note, this email is
not actually for YOU — it’s for your EGO to read.
So if you could just send it along, that would
be much appreciated. Thanks.


Dear Ego –

Hi, we haven’t met before, but my name is Nan
Akasha. I know you don’t know me, and I’m
not asking you to trust me, I just wanted to
write you to tell you about something.

As you know, your person has been making a lot
of changes lately, and talking about making even

And I know that probably bothers you. After all,
the more things change, the tougher it is for
YOU to do your job. And believe me, I know how very
hard you work at your job. Nobody works harder,
and you have done a magnificent job of keeping
your person safe and protected.

You deserve recognition for that.

I know you don’t do it for recognition, but I just
think you should know that there are some of us
who really respect and appreciate how hard you

In fact, my partner Amy and I are two of those

We know how committed you and other Egos are to
their jobs, and we admire your steadfastness.

We also know that as the global consciousness
(your person’s consciousness especially) continues
to grow and expand, it’s making things a LOT
tougher for Egos like you to keep up.

Just the other day, one Ego told me he had to
SIT ON his person, just to try and keep her down,
to keep her quiet.

You might know a little bit about what that’s like.

I also know that it’s time for more harmonious
relationships between Egos and people. I mean,
wouldn’t it be great if you could still do your
job 100% of the time AND get along great with
your person?

I know it would make things easier and more pleasant
for you, and it would make things a WHOLE LOT more
pleasant for your person.

My friend Amy and I have put together a class
for your person, and it’s designed to make things
better for everyone (especially YOU, other Egos, and
your person).

In this class, we’re going to demonstrate how hard
you and the other Egos work, and we’re going to make
sure you get the recognition you deserve.

We’re also going to give you a voice, to find out
what you need and want, and how we can create more
harmony in your working relationship with your person.

Would you like that?

We even named the class for you (thought you might
like to know that). It’s called “EgoPower.” My friend
Amy and I are teaching this class because we understand
that Egos are going to become even more important in
this day and age, and we want people to know how very
valuable you and the other Egos truly are.

We want to give you a voice, and help in reconnecting
you to your person, so you can work together, no
more struggle for either of you!

All we’re asking from you, is to allow your person
to take a look and see if they really want to
participate in this class.

We’re not even asking you to get them to sign up —
we just want you to allow them to have a look, and
to see if anything resonates.

Will you do that?

If so, just let your person click this link:


If not, it’s ok. I know other Egos will be excited
to find out about how they can not have to work so
hard, get along better with their person, and get
some find easier ways to do their job better,
faster and easier. I understand if you decide
you’d rather not hear more about that.

But if you do, just look:


Listen, I just want to thank you for taking the
time to read this email. I know you’re really,
really busy, and so I just want to say thanks.

I hope to hear from you in the class, and I look
forward to helping you create more harmony and
happiness with your person.

Have a great day, Ego!

Sincerely interested in your harmony and success!


P.S. I know you want your person to be
happy and fulfilled, and we have a way
for you to do your job with excellence,
AND for your person to be happy!