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Trust and life is magic

By October 6, 2008 Blog

What a wonderful weekend I had, and all the while I was enjoying it, my business was growing! I can’t tell you how the magic of life has been opening up for me! I am literally overjoyed (is that possible, to have too much joy?) many times a day at the way the Universe, God, the divine, source, whatever you choose to call it, takes care of us and lines up what we want!

I went to a fluency workshop, which is what I do, you tune in and access ‘true’ information from source, your inner voice etc. You heal, release, clear, open, and do this with a group of open, loving and beautiful people. I met wonderful people, who truly wanted to transform their lives, have more joy, release physical and emotional pain and blocks. The way that the energies come together is so beautiful. I met new friends and connected with old ones, we played and ‘worked’ …on our issues and changes we desired, we ate wonderful food cooked by our gracious hostess and we hugged, cried, opened our hearts.

To add to that joyful event, my beloved, who was there too! and I did a home exchange, which we love to do, and got to stay in this gorgeous mansion, free, overlooking a private canyon, with 5000 SF of decking, 2 pools and 10 person jacuzzi, a media room, 100 windows and more. We invited the group over for a dinner and party one night and got to share the luxury and 5 of us were up till 4AM in the jacuzzi and pool, laughing and clearing each others deepest fears and blocks. I absolutely LOVE the combination of fun, joy and deep spiritual transformation!

Allowing ourselves to truly accept and absorb our bountiful fortune, that was only arranged 3 days prior, was the key to this whole experience. What I mean is, all of this showed up, and in such an easy and wonderful way, because we both were open to it, we accepted we were worthy, we allowed the Universe to line it up and didn’t worry or fuss. Trust and the magic is revealed. Trust and things better than you could imagine show up. Next you have to look for them, be open to them, expect them. Manifesting what you want is a strange combination of intent and desire, focused clarity of what you want, combined with detachment, deserving, trusting and staying in a state of relaxed joy. You can ask for, intend, vision and think all day every day about what you want, but if you are focused to intently you may miss it, or if you are fearful you may not get it, you will keep it from being seen, or if you don’t truly feel you deserve it, you will not allow it into your experience even if it is standing on your doorstop ringing your doorbell all day.

Law of attraction is an interesting law, it is not somethign that works now and then or only for worthy people, however, even though it us working all the time, you have to be aligned, tuned in and relaxed and aware enough to actually get to experience it.

I have been opening myself to TOTALLY trusting the Universe.  I mean I have trusted mostly for a long long time, and amazing things happen to me constantly. However, I never trusted anyone or anything COMPLETELY…and that has been my challenge.

For the last 4 weeks I have given over my needs and wants to the Universe, and my council ) unseen energies I work with to create what I want). I do what I am most inspired to do in each moment, and not what my thinker brain tells me I ‘should’ do…it is an interesting experience and you get to see how much you struggle and try to control your life and everything in it. Letting go of the control and just doing what I am “told” (to me that means what I am most inspired to do in that moment is what the Universe is guiding me to do, because it will lead me to what I want and give me the most joy).

While I was off having fun, and ‘working’ (I did past life regressions, ego talks, cleared old belief patterns, made personal vibrational essence mixes (see my site MagicPotionsforyou.com and more for people this weekend)…I had 2 new coaching clients email me, a new vibration essence client, 2 new sign ups for my upcoming class called “Ego Power: Synergize your Inner Team to Create with Ease and Velocity” (check it out, it starts this Thursday and it is powerful stuff on talking to your ego and finding and releasing blocks, and creating a partnership with your ego so you can create what you want without struggle, plus working with other energies and systems that and more).

That is magic, all things flowing perfectly while you enjoy yourself and serve others. Life is magic, we just have to allow it in and stop controling.

If you want to clear negative beliefs, past, pain, or heal, create money, love, health or success, please sign up for coaching, for a limited time, if you are a new client, you get your first session for only $97. I would love to see you breakthrough to the magic of life too! FreethePowerinyou.com

One Comment

  • Hi Nan,

    Wow…it must have been awesome to be in that estate!! Nice to visit and enjoy fully and not have to pay the mortgage! You rock!!

    I enjoyed my two week adventure in Italy and came back refreshed and ready to go. I loved being disconnected from my computer and it was good for me to spend time like that.

    I am determined to follow your lead and trust trust trust.

    I am playing with the idea that if it doesn’t feel fun…don’t do it. Hard for me because I have an old thought habit that says success equals work work work.

    I like play better!

    Can’t wait to speak to you again…I love my private sessions!