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Do you feel stuck? Economy got you down?

By October 8, 2008 Blog

Do you feel stuck, anxious,frustrated? Do you feel like no matter what you do, nothing ever changes?
Everyday I hear from people about how they feel like no matter what they try, it doesn’t work, at least not permanently.
They feel stuck, scared, humiliated.
Many people feel afraid with the choas in the economy, that they will never get out of debt, they will lose their job, never get to buy the house they want.

Here is what a new coaching client wrote to me:
“I am feeling kind of impatient, depressed and apathetic & procrastination because nothing seems to work. Coming across your work has been a blessing because I can finally have an in depth talk with my ego because I have felt an
internal war.”

Can you relate?

After spending all day helping people shift from this powerless space, to one of hope, relief and strength, I felt moved to tell you about how I have at least 3 ways I can help!

1. In my breakthrough coaching sessions we can identify your limiting beliefs, clear them and choose new ones. Right now if you are a new client,you can get your first session for only $97!

2. In my tele-class starting this Thursday at 7pm Central, “Ego Power: Synergize your Inner Team to Create with Ease and Velocity” you will breakthrough all the preconceived
ideas about your ego and work with not only your ego, but all sorts of built in systems you have that support your change, success and happiness.

3. Go grab your copy of “Getting Ego on Your Side:Clearing the Negative Relationship with your Ego”
It is a 3 part audio course that discusses what ego really is and
why it is here to serve you, a whole audio with me guiding you through an actual conversation with your ego that you can use over and over for many different issues, and a guided visualization re-connecting your higher self and your ego so
they can work in harmony and you can create without struggle.

Ready to breakthrough the invisible barriers to peace of mind, joyful relationships, a life you want to wake up to? Pick one, or all 3 above, I am ready and waiting to serve you, now!