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Don’t Read this Post

By October 9, 2008 Blog

NOTE: This is NOT for you, — it’s for your EGO.
Thanks for delivering the message.
Hello Ego –

It’s Nan & Amy again, do you have a second?

We’re just writing because we didn’t see your signup for the EgoPower teleclass. The class is starting this week, so NOW is really the time to sign up.
We thought you might have a question or two, so we’ll take a minute to address them here.
Q: How will I benefit if I take this class?
A: Excellent question. For starters, you’ll find that pretty early on in the class, your person will learn to appreciate you, how hard you work, and all that you do. Secondly, you’ll soon find that you are working more harmoniously with your person, because they won’t be resisting you as much as they have been.
Finally, you’ll find that you will learn to get your job done just as well but not have to work so hard (and you’ll be able to have a lot more fun). And worth mentioning is that nan is going to be a whole lot happier once you two are working in a more aligned fashion (which means less stress, less pain, and more joy and peace).
Q: Is this really going to work?
A: That depends a lot on you. We don’t underestimate your power (no one should) and a lot of the outcome relies on your ability to assist (always keeping your person’s best interests and total protection at heart). You can help us, but the first step is to get your person signed up for the class.
Q:  HOW does this work?
A: We start by opening a dialogue and creating a more harmonious relationship with your person. It’s a relationship in which you can both express your wants and needs, and both of you can really be heard. The next step is to get you both aligned, by shifting any beliefs that are optimal to be shifted. You don’t have to worry about what to do for that part — we are experts at shifting beliefs…we just need your permission to shift them.
Q: How do we sign up?
A: Easy — go here to sign up

We look forward to getting to know you better, and getting you the rest and recognition you so richly deserve.
Nan Akasha & Amy Scott Grant

P.S. Might as well go sign up now, while it’s
fresh on your mind: