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Everything has a voice…

By October 13, 2008 Blog

Did you know everything has a voice? Indeed it does…

Last week I was preparing for my “Ego Power” class (Now changed to “Everything has a Voice: discover and tune in to your many inner voices”) and I had a mind blowing, out of this world meditation where I got a download that expanded everything I thought and have been working with to a whole new level.

!Here is what I ‘got’ last week: “Everything has a voice, we can talk to anything, recognizing it is an energy system, a conceptual representation of a thought pattern and it is conscious…so it can ‘speak’… well, communicate is more acurate, if we are willing to listen. We can tune in to all parts of us, and reconnect with the inate wisdom within.

However, we are the voice, the mouthpiece, the speaker and the receiver…therefore we would be able to know what is optimal for us at any time if we opened and enhanced our receiving abilities.
We can tune in to the essences and energy of each ‘thing’ in the universe, even to the Universe itself!
You can tune in to each part of you and get information, so you can find the reason and root cause of why you do what you do, feel how you feel, have what you have. Why you can’t make changes and struggle…all you need is inside you if you only knew how to connect to it.

You can talk to a cell, or an organ, your ego, a body part or a part of your mind, a flower, an animal, a star, a planet, a microbe, a belief, a thought, a feeling…. anything. We are all energy, we are all alive, we are all conscious, we are all from the same source, we are all connected!!

So if you are interested in connecting to your self and uncovering the truth of what keeps you stuck, now is the time to start a conversation with yourself. You can join the class “Everything has a Voice: discover and tune in to your many inner voices”now, you get a recording of the class so if you missed it you can repeat it as much as you like.

Here is what one of my coaching clients wrote, when she decided to sign up for the class:

“My ego and I had a chat and I decided that her resistance to this class was not worth listening to. Can’t wait! Love you guys, Catherine”

and here is what she said today
“LOVED the ego class….I am so glad I joined.”

Come join the most revealing conversation ever!