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The power of an invitation

By October 17, 2008 Blog

What is an invitation? What does it mean when you invite someone, something, into your space?

It has come to me lately how powerful an invitation is. In fact it is vital that we make more invitations and become better at them.

When you want more money, a new job, a lover, a house, a car, a child, a friendship, a trip…ANYTHING, you have to invite it into your space.

You see, we have this thing called ‘free will’, which means no matter if something is good or not for us, we get to choose. So even though there are all kinds of loving, benevolent energies (angels, guides…whatever you call it) all around us and even within our own energy body, who want to help, they can’t unless we ask.

So the power of making an invitation is revealing itself to me more and more lately. When you want something in your life…like more money, a new job, friends, opportunities, a new employee…whatever it is, even peace of mind or clarity,
you must decide what you want and then you must ask, you must invite it in.

When you invite, you create space, you prepare the space, and you are inviting in an energy, whether it is a person, angel, animal or even a new couch. You create a space for it, whether it is in your house for a guest or in your energy field or mind for a new idea, beleif or way of being. If you invite someone to you house you make your house ready with food or flowers.

It is the same in the energetic sense with allowing in information and guidance. You can invite in your higher self, inner guidance, angels, you can invite in your ego or your mind or bady to talk to you and get information.

So realize the power of an invitation. Prior to making an invitation, you will want to create a ‘space’ within you, for the energy to move in to, and this I will discuss next week.

I invite you to a new life, to one where you can step in to your authentic self, uncover and live your purpose, live in peace and joy and wealth and one where your health and clarity of mind are optimal. I invite you to clear your limiting beleifs, and shift them to new ones that support what you truly want. I invite you to beleive in yourself, know your value and share your worth. I invite you to be the beautiful source being you are, now.

I invite you to allow me to assist you in transforming your life into the ideal one you seek. Choose how I may be of service to you:

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