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Intuition Accelerator

By October 18, 2008 Blog

Always wanted to ‘hear’ your intuition? Want to know what it means when you see, hear, feel something? Want to communicate with nature, guides, and more?

Well the new INTUITION ACCELERATOR classes are for you!!

I am starting a series of classes that will be co-hosted by a variety of guest facilitators, that are designed to assist you to tuning in to energy and receiving messages.

If you simply want to hear and understand your own inner guidance, or your  body’s messages to you or you want to communicate with Angels, animals, stars , plants, and more… this is the place to explode your blocks!

You will be able to go from where you are now, novice or expert, and enhance and expand your ability to receive, interpret and understand the information that is available.

Everything has a voice, this is my belief, so much so that I currently am teaching a class called just that:”Everything has a voice; discover and tune in to your many inner voices”… (see http://www.freethepowerinyou.com/voices/) and as such, I know how rich and amazing life can be when you know how to tune in to the ‘voice’ in all life.

The ability to receive is natural and we all have it. Some of us have focused on and enhanced that ability and some have never even known it was possible. Everyone can do this, and it truly will enhance the quality of your life, and add so much depth to your life experience. When you can talk to your body to see why it has a pain, or to your ego and ask for an agreement to shift a belief and dissolve the struggle in losing weight, you have the keys to a life of ease, joy and wealth!

If you are interested in receiving information on this class series, please leave your name and email, and I will be sure you get notice of the classes, times and guest facilitators!

Go here now to be sure you get the class info: http://www.createyourownrealitynow.com/products/intuition-accelerator/

To a life rich with connection to all of life!