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Worried about economy?

By October 20, 2008 Blog

Why is everyone talking about a ‘recession’ and how the economy is crashing? Why is everyone so filled with fear? Don’t they know they create their own reality?

Want to  be free of worry about what is happening in the economy, in Washington and on Wall street? Want to be detached from what is supposedly going on all around you? You can!!

You create your own reality, that means you do not have to believe, or buy in to what the media and others are saying. You do not have to fear and discuss how bad everything is, you can surround yourself with people who do not even notice, who create their lives and their wealth regardless of what is going on outside of them.

Your ability to create, attract, and receive money has nothing to do with anything outside of you!

Your thoughts and beleifs, your attitude and emotions…these are the things that affect what wealth you have and when. You can clear your limiting beliefs about money, you can uncover the negative emotions and meaning you have about money.

How? Well, I taught a ground breaking, highly acclaimed class in June called ‘Spirit of Money” and you can buy those audios right now! Not only do we do all of what I discussed above, like shifting limiting beliefs on money, but you will find out what the essence of money itself likes, how it works and what it has to say!

You will know how to align yourself with money and it won’t have anything to do with a recession.

Many people make a lot of money in times like this, why not choose to be one of them!!

Empower yourself now: Bethespiritofmoney.com

You really can

Spirit of money says

To contact me and clearly receive info get into a stat of

1. Worth 2. Trust 3. Openess

Use these statements or similar ones to get your vibration matched to mine:

Enter a river of light, float down it, first immersing yourself in worth, value and self love, then feel channels and tributaries feeding abundant inner TRUST into the river and feel as it begins to be absorbed into you.

Now as you are filled with WORTH and TRUST you are buoyed and held up by the bright multicolored river of light, you feel relaxed and you open your heart, your mind and your spirit to merge with SoM (or anything) and receive.

  1. I am value, I am worthy, my net worth is infinite, just by being me. I flow easily into the river of worthiness.

  2. I trust my worth, my inner guidance and my self. I am a clear and open channel with access to any and all information and resources I need.

  3. 3. I am open and receptive to my good, my guidance and my wealth.

  4. I invite the Spirit of Money to join me on my river of worth and trust:

  5. Then ask your questions or make your requests`

Listen or write the answers

Use this to not only connect to SoM but also to get guidance form yourself, your council anytime, enter the river of worth, trust and openness and you will be more easily to hear and receive clearing, info, love and money, anything, because in this safe space you will be able to receive easily without fear, resistance and doubt.

It will build you self worth as well, so regularly check in with ego and SoM on your personal net worth and increase your comfort with it, clear the things that block it and then watch for the money to flow in