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Beliefs and Money $$

By October 23, 2008 Blog

Today I had the great pleasure of being a guest on “Messages from God” with Amy Scott Grant. You may know Amy, she is my partner in both the Spirit of Money Courses and the current class I am teaching called “Everything has a voice: Discover and tune in to your Many Inner Voices”. (We are having a special on the Spirit of Money audios, if you buy them you can get the ‘Living the Spirit of Money” audio at a discount, and the “Everything has a voice” audios will be available after November 6th).

So Amy and I talked about beliefs and money and how they are related. It is very interesting to realize that indeed we all have negative beliefs about money and it is a huge benefit to clear them, however, that is only about 25% of the beliefs that actually affect your experience with money.

So go ahead and have a listen to our discussion, and if you are interested in knowing more about Amy, check out her website NewSuccess.org


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