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Intend Global Healing

By October 24, 2008 Blog

I have a wonderful new surprise for you! One of my dreams has been realized and I am now unveiling my new FREE weekly healing circle!
It is called Intend Global Healing (http://intendglobalhealing.com/).
Moved by the knowing that focused positive intention works miracles, I was inspired with the idea of starting a weekly intention group.

Here is the intention: ” To harness the Universal healing
power of intent through a weekly 15 minute Meditation/Prayer. Anyone, anywhere may participate
live or through intention for personal and global healing”

Format: Once a week on Thursday at Noon CST, I will open a free conference line and guide a source inspired meditation for 15 – 30 minutes.

Anyone may email in their name or a name of someone in particular they wish healing for and they will be included in the healing intent. The intention of all gathered, whether at that moment or by those joining us from forward or backwards in time, will be magnified by the energies I will
channel from source.
Open to all and  to benefit the all. Your beautiful healing
energies and intent honor me greatly!
Please join me! If you, or anyone you know desires healing of any kind, put your name in the circle and add your beautiful energies!


I would love it if you would help me spread the word on this, it is free.
First call is next Thursday, October 30th at Noon CST. Looking forward to powerful healings, joy and connection!