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Spirit of Money Special

By October 27, 2008 Blog

I am pleased to tell you that the Spirit of Money audio course is running a special. So many people these days are full of fear and worry over money…so what better way to release your fears, shift your limiting beliefs and completely change your relationship with money!?

When you purchase the Spirit of Money 8 Audio course, you will receive an opportunity to purchase the “Living the Spirit of Money: Enter the phase of integration” audio at a discount! This powerful audio is so jam packed full of amazing tools and techniques to keep you on track day in and day out.

We have also received so many requests for more classes on this topic, that we are packaging up the powerful “Spirit of Money Small Group Coaching” into an audio and workbook set that offers you new guidance and challenges to push you into a whole new money experience! We will let everyone who has purchased the courses but this at a discount price as well, so look of the notice about “The Spirit of Money Challenge”.

Here is a 30 minute audio of my partner in the Spirit of Money Classes, Amy Scott Grant & I , discussing how beliefs affect money flow and what you can do about it.

Enjoy: and check out the Spirit of Money Audio Courses:

Healing Intuitive Nan Akasha & Amy Scott Grant co-created the audio course “The Spirit of Money”

Here is the audio (also posted in my blog on Beliefs and Money http://www.createyourownrealitynow.com/blog/beliefs-and-money/)