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Create Your Reality News #11

By October 28, 2008 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Lots of exciting stuff!!! Please scroll through here so you don’t miss some of the fun stuff! Be sure to see, there’s free events, great resources for your business, ways to parent with Law of attraction and ways to expand your intuition!

1. Free weekly healing Circle
2. Path to Inner Power starts now with “The Money Funnel”
3. Intuition Accelerator
4. Websites for a Reasonable Price
5. Inspired Parenting with teachers from “The Secret”
6. Spirit of Money Special
7. New Coaching Clients have 4 more days to get special price!

Join me at IntendGlobalHealing.com this Thursday at Noon Central time (USA) and add your names for healing. Each week I am going to do a 15-30 minute source inspired healing. You can join live or receive a recording, I am going for maximum participation, since I KNOW the power of intention…we can heal ourselves, animals, the planet, anything, as we join together in love. Real Power…go to http://intendglobalhealing.com/

2. Path to Inner Power Starts November 3rd!
I am so pleased to now offer a way for everyone to have access as I explore one topic for personal transformation. You receive a completely original, source inspired meditation, activation or, visualization to help you clear the blocks in that area and empower new thoughts and energies.

Each month I will have specific new a topic and you will receive a 2 or 3 audio package that retails from $40-100…for only $33!! And if you join now you will get the first month’s program for only $1.00!
So you can see being a part of the monthly program is an affordable and powerful way of making the shifts you desire to create the life you want.

The first month is almost ready to go, it will be up and available on Monday November 3, 2008. Here is where you go to sign up and get the brand new audio set “The Money Funnel” for only $1.00!!


3. NEW CLASS: “Intuition Accelerator”:
I’m thrilled to be offering this class, it is so powerful! I get so many questions on how to access your intuition, how to know when the information you think you are recieving is true, how to know what is best and true for you , how to communicate with animals and more. In these 2 – 90 minute sessions we will be opening doors to an abundant and rich world full of resources, connections, communication. Everything has intelligent consciousness, and you can tune in to everything from your body and mind, your soul, Angels, trees, animals, food, nature, your ego and more!
Join me and a guest facilitator and open and enhance your ability to receive and understand messages from all life!
Go here to get more information: http://www.createyourownrealitynow.com/products/intuition-accelerator/

4. Want a website for a reasonable price? I get a lot of inquiries on who does my website, and I am proud to say my very talented, very professional and affordable webmaster is my boyfriend Chris. He has been on computers for 33 years, he has been on the Web since 1989. He was part of the launch team that launched American Express’s FIRST INTERNET presence!

So, well yes, I am biased, I love him madly, however, I also am very careful of who I recommend and I can honestly say he is EXCELLENT at what he does. He not only makes websites, but he is a marketing expert and can optimize your existing site as well as create new ones for you for SEO, Social media, Podcasts and more. No matter what you need in the area of launching or enhanving your online presence, he can help.

He can consult, set up membership sites, help you clarify your business ideas and niche, create blogs, and make your site into “google candy”…the search engines will crawl your site and rate you higher and higher. He is magic with getting your Alexa rating (the premier online website rating system) up…he got his to go ‘up’ over 3 million points in less than 5 months!

You can contact Chris at [email protected]

here are 2 of his sites:

5. kids, teens & 3 guys from ‘the secret’?
What do three teachers from ‘The Secret” have to say about raising happy, successful thriving kids? Apparently a lot!

My friend Rhonda Ryder of Kids Awakening just launched interviews she did with three teachers from the hit DVD movie ‘The Secret’. It’s called “Inspired Parenting”.


To find out more, simply sign up for the free ebook,”The 7 Secrets of Sharing The Law of Attraction With Kids and Teens,” and you’ll be taken to the information page for “Inspired Parenting.”
Rhonda is offering these audios to you at half the price during this Special Introductory Offer, plus bonuses, of course.

The three teachers she interviewed are:
**Mike Dooley (Thoughts Become Things), and
**Dr. John Demartini
**Dr. Joe Vitale

These are literally life-changing interviews that you may want, even if you don’t have children. Because, let’s face it, these universal laws apply to us all. Rhonda was able to go deep with these spiritual leaders and gain insights that are transforming families all over the world.


6. Are you currently enjoying the most scrumptious relationship imaginable with Money? The Spirit of Money  Audio course has helped so many people shift their negative attitudes and relationship with Money, you can too and now you have an opportunity to get the “Living The Spirit of Money:Enter The Phase Of Integration” at a discount when you purchase the Spirit of Money 8 audio set. Read, listen to an hour audio sample and buy here: http://bethespiritofmoney.com/

7. New coaching clients can still get their first coaching session for only $97.00, but just for 4 more days! November 1st the price will go up…I will still provide a discounted price, so you can try me out and see if we resonate, but this price is gone as of this Saturday.

Also remember you can have a FREE 15 minute consultation to see who I am and how the session will work, check it out now, the results are stunning!

Here is one clients experience:
“Working with Nan Akasha has been a truly transformational experience for me. She tapped right into the blocks that were most holding me back from experiencing my goal to be a unified and centered person. Everything about my consciousness feels
more integrated, happy, dynamic and uniquely alive. Also, she unlocked emotional root causes for my intense postural mis-alignments and these are finally shifting.
I have been trying for years to improve my posture, and now I finally will. I am very grateful to Nan for all she has done for me.”
Jennifer Ripa-Edson, Ridgefield, CT

I am here to serve you! http://www.createyourownrealitynow.com/ultimate-awareness-coaching/