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Path to Inner Power

By October 29, 2008 Blog

I am so excited to tell you about my newest inspiration
“Path to Inner Power”

Read on, because I will tell you how to get the first month “The Money Funnel” for only $1.00!!

Most of you know I am constantly creating new meditations, visualizations, activations and more. My passion is to clear, empower and activate all of us to live an authentic, fun, prosperous, love filled life. There are so many opportunities available to us all the time, but our beliefs, our past and our energy blocks often prevent us from seeing them or following through on them.

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I am so pleased to now offer a way for everyone to have access as I explore one topic for personal transformation each month. You will receive a completely original, source inspired meditation, activation or, visualization to help you clear the blocks in that area and empower new thoughts and energies.

Each month I will have a specific new a topic and you will receive a 2 or 3 audio package that retails from $40-100…for only $33!! And if you join now you will get the first month’s program for only $1.00!

So you can see being a part of the monthly program is an affordable and powerful way of making the shifts you desire to create the life you want.

The first month is almost ready to go, it will be up and available on Monday November 3, 2008. Here is where you go to sign up and get the brand new audio set “The Money Funnel” for only $1.00!!