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Today’s the Day;’say hello to your soul’

By October 30, 2008 Blog

I am very excited for today…it is the very first Free Global Healing! At Noon Central time, I will guide the first weekly healing circle intended to take our combined focused energies and bring healing to all who join, the planet and more.


I have been so moved by the flood of people joining the circle! Not only are people coming to add their intentions to the healings, but the names are pouring in from far and wide to be included in the healing. Healing for bodies, for spirit, for finances and more. People and whole families are joining, even sending the names of their pets!

If you decide to join us, live or just through intent and by lietneing to the recording you receive afterwards, you will be joining people from all corners of the earth! I have received emails from Canada, France, South Africa, even Dubai and Madagascar!!

The message and the energies will be directly from source and while encompassing all we wish to heal as a group, will be original and unique each time. Won’t you join us?


Open a space now within you, a clear and open space that invites in wholeness, that allows harmonious vibrations to resonate throughout your bring. Relax your mind and let go of the worries, let go of the tension, let go of the chaos around you…BE HERE NOW….


“…that your Inner Life is begging you for some attention. Can you not hear your soul calling to you? Please do not ignore this call any longer. Please do not say, “Yeah, yeah, tonight.” Or…”Okay, I get it. Starting tomorrow I will meditate every morning…” Stop everything right this minute. If only for 90 seconds. And say hello to your soul. Reconnect. Touch in. And listen to what you are trying to tell yourself.”

Neale Donald Walsch