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Bust the recession with the money funnel

By October 31, 2008 November 3rd, 2008 Blog

I keep hearing and seeing how bad the economy is, how depressed the financial situation is in the country. What I do not understand is; where did all the money go? It’s not like all of a sudden the money that was circulating spontaneously combusted! Money is like energy (and is energy), it is not destroyed, it just changes hands.

The media uses words like “lost” … the money is lost? Where did it go, for a walk in the woods and never come out? Also “crashed”…what, money was in a car crash and is now sitting in a hospital somewhere and can’t come out to play? It makes no sense to me. Especially because it is all perception. Everything in life is perception, we decide what we choose to believe and that creates the filter through which we live and experience life. Everyone has a totally different experience of life, and so money is no different.

I believe, and therefore experience, that you choose what you experience, you choose what you think and feel and you create your own reality. That applies to money as well. You do not have to buy into the news, in fact you can stop watching it, it’s wonderful! But even if you just can’t bring yourself to stop watching the news, you can decide to create your own experience with money and not let what “they” are telling you.

My newest audio is about ready and will be available next week, it is an audio set called “The Money Funnel”. Money is energy, and like I taught in The Spirit of Money course, you can create any relationship you desire with money, easy or hard, fun or angry. In the Money Funnel, you will get a whole new perspective on not only money, but in creation, manifesting and receiving. You will be able to use this model for manifesting anything in your life, but I guide you through tuning into, manifesting and allowing in money…and then growing it! It is a revealing discussion that will shift your view, the way you see and relate to money, and it includes practical experiential visualizations…indeed a whole new experience of bringing money to you and making it grow. Create multiple streams of income and learn how it feels to prosper.

You choose your money experience, so why not choose a fun, easy abundant one? People make money in so called ‘recessions”, in fact some of the biggest fortunes have been amassed in what people consider bad financial times. Do you want to be one of the people in doom and gloom, worrying and creating lack? Or do you want to be someone who creates their own reality and decides what your cashflow will be? I know where I want to be, and I am not willing to hand over my life to a bunch a fear mongers in the media, they are making money, that’s why they feed fear. They focus on, exaggerate and incessantly pound us with everything negative they can come up with, and it is not reality…not mine anyway!

Best of all, you can get “The Money Funnel”, which will sell for $79.00, for only ONE DOLLAR! YES you saw that right, only ONE DOLLAR ($1.00)…because I am offering a “recession busting” special. My new program called “Path to Inner Power” is all about helping you create your own reality by guiding you on a path into your own inner power! And I am doing that by creating a totally new, original sourced audio set each month a a new and different topic. This way, you can use the audio for a whole month, really shift your consciousness and your experince in that area. Then the next month you can do the same in a new area, and I can support you continuously down your personal path to the life you want to live, not the one you feel forced to live.

So, empower yourself now, go sign up for the “Path to Inner Power” program, and get the ‘Money Funnel’ working for you! Each month the new audio set will be something like my “Getting Ego on Your Side” which sells for $97, and yet you will pay only $33.00 per month, because you have decided to commit to yourself, commit to your personal growth! All the audio sets will retail for between $50-100, and you will get them for only $33 because you are taking control of your life!

So sign up now, and get your first month, ‘The Money Funnel” for only $1.00, and create a funnel that pours money into your life, instead of listening to the media and diving into their pool of depression, lack and recession!

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