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Do less, have more?

By November 1, 2008 Blog

“Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30% and you will increase your revenues by 100%. And you will increase your productivity by 10,000% (If there could be such percentage.). More fun, less struggle–more results on all fronts.” Abraham-Hicks

I just saw this wonderful quote from Abraham Hicks….and I was thinking, why do we work so much harder than we need to? We do not listen to our inner voice!

Well, I think one reason is we are out of tune with who we really are. When we are disconnected from the truth of who and what we are, we do not know we can relax and we will be cared for, we do not know we have everything we need right here and now. When we tune back in and ‘hear’ our inner voice, we get relief by KNOWING, within us, what is right for us, what is best for us, what to ‘do’ in any given moment…what is optimal for us.

Why will that help? Well imagine for a moment that you can tune in to¬† yourself to find out what is best for you, what is next. You don’t have to rely on others, on rules and standards, “should’s” and worries to know what it is best for you to do right now. If you learn to tune in to your own inner voice, you don’t need anything outside of you, you have all the answers within you. You will know when it is best to relax and have fun, and you will be able to really enjoy it because you will KNOW it is what is BEST for you right now. The amazing thing about that, is that your actions have so much more power, things flow so much more easily, and an ease will begin to flow through your life that will amaze you. We all have our own access to source, to our bodies our emotions our minds…we have all we need within, we need to re-tune in to our inner knowing, and life will flow with abundance, wealth, health and joy, fun and friends and a deep inner peace. Wouldn’t that be nice? Want to try it? Why not tune in right now?

Well, I am going to be helping anyone who wants to remember how to access and interpret the messages that are always there within you. Join me at the very first “Intuition Accelerator” class! It’s going to be way fun, and way powerful, because when you tap in to your limitless knowledge, wow, life takes a turn for the miraculous!

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now to sign up for more information, I look forward to being able to help you throw the covers off your true anture and to trust you know what is best for you! AHHHH bliss!