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Your inner voice is whispering… trust

By November 6, 2008 Blog

Your Inner Voice is Whispering to you…
do you trust what you feel?

Why don’t you trust your inner knowing? Trust is your true state… When you choose to rely on your own knowing,
life opens up before you! It is the secret code that opens the door…

Trusting your inner voice is like putting on night vision goggles …. You can ‘see’ just where to go no matter
what is going on. No matter how dark it gets, no matter how depressed, sad, lonely or stuck you feel, your inner voice
is ALWAYS whispering to you…

Take a moment, drop your awareness down out of you mind, and feel… allow the message to wash through you, all of you, do not analyze it with logic… just let it be. Allow the deepest part of your being to come out, rest in that space… just for a moment.

Your inner being is the powerful, loving, accepting part of you, the source of your life force, and it will hold you, hold you in this space and heal you.

Your inner voice says “trust me, trust yourself, it is the only way to live, it is the path to your inner power, to joy, to love, to bliss… let go and trust, and know that you are on the right path.”

Trust is letting go of doubt, letting yourself receive the blessings you hold within you, and allowing inner peace to
be your daily state of being. Trusting yourself is authentic, it is the only way to follow your unique path, no one else can see your path, only you can, and it is only revealed when you trust what you know, deep within you, not in your mind.

There is no diploma, certificate or University for how to listen in, how to trust, you just have to be still…

Be still and know, then trust it is right for you…and move forward… one step at a time.

Trusting you will receive this Love today, Nan

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