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feeling stuck? blocked? Try this!

By November 11, 2008 Blog

Ever feel frustrated, like things are not moving, changing, working? Feeling stuck is a very helpless feeling, it steals your power, it sucks you dry of enthusiasm and optimism and hope.

When we feel like this, we let our energy drain out, we let people into our lives that do not support us, are not genuine and then add to our feeling that things are not working.

What to do? Well, what I find most interesting in this situation, is that we also tend to lose our lack of desire to do anything for ourselves that would empower and uplift us. When you are stuck and don’t even feel like doing anything, I find it is best to just stop and be still.

Wait, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling instead of avoiding. Even let yourself feel anger and revenge is you need to, do it in a private space, so you do not involve others. It is important to honor our feelings, they are talking to us. Everything has a voice, I keep saying that, and it is so true, in every area of life.

Tune in to yourself, and see where in your body you are feeling the anger, frustration and then allow yourself to move into that spot. Breathe into it, allow it to move, it is stuck energy that hold us in place. Movement, of energy, feelings, thoughts and body is needed to move things through us and out. A teacher of mine once said “if you feel things fully, they dissipate, they lose power over you”. Let it move through you.

This does not mean you have to stay stuck in these angry or annoyed feelings, not at all. We want to move them so we can let them go and choose new, better ones. Resisting or ignoring the feelings does too do anything but make them stronger. Your body and emotions will keep talking to you, until you finally pay attention. So why not pay attention sooner?

The upcoming Intuition Accelerator class, December 2 & 9, is all about how you can tune in to yourself an ‘hear’ what your body, emotions and more are telling you. This way you can uncover what is blocking you sooner and move into the next step which is leading to your dreams. Read more about it here: www.intuitionaccelerator.com

Here is what I recommended to a client recently, I think you will find it helpful!

Here is her email, she has been going through the Spirit of Money course, a very interactive course and has encountered headaches. My response follows:

“Hi, I have just done the sessions 5 & 6 back to back…
Anyway, I just had to say that with the clearing in session 5 – I cried with gratitude of letting go of all those piles of attachments.  That was good. I repeated the clearing to be sure that the last two were gone.
After the clearing of the needs in session 6, I was laughing and jumping around with joy.  I still have a smile on my face writing this e-mail.  It was great.
My question is, every time I go into the guided meditation or the clearings I get an instant headache, mainly in the right hand side of my forehead.  What does this mean and is there anything I need to do about it? Thanks, D”

My response:

“Thanks so much for sharing your breakthroughs! We are always so pleased to hear from people on how the course is changing their lives!
As far as the headaches you are getting…that is your left brain side, and my sense is it is the logical/thinker side of our brain that frequently keeps us so busy with mind chatter, that does not want to be quiet while we meditate or focus inward.
I recommend you relax into it, and even stop the recording and take a few minutes to go into the pain.
I will give you a brief outline here on how I do this and take coaching clients through this, for pain or any blockage in your body:
Relax and breathe, then put your focus, in a relaxed way, not a resistant or angry way, on the pain/block. Ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. How does it feel? (Pressure, pounding, stabbing, squeezing…)
2. Does it have a color? (describe to yourself)
3. Does it have a shape? (blob, square, sphere)
As you allow yourself to move into it in this way it will begin to shift, and begin to dissipate.
Then go back to the first questions and ask it again, you will see if it has changed and may already be gone, go thru the 3 questions till gone.
You may also ask “what is this trying to tell me?” and wait to see what information you get. Please let me know if this helps!
I am here to help if you need or desire further help moving through blocks or anything else.
I coach one on one and also have a free 15 minute consultation if you want to see what we can do!
Enjoy! Nan”

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