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Do you expect miracles?

By November 19, 2008 Blog

Do you expect miracles every day of your life? No? Why not?

“You cannot see the solution, of course, if you are convinced it is not there” NDW

Well, most of us have lots of “proof” from our lives that tells us that miracles do not happen every day, if at all. But what if they do, and we just do not see them?

WHAT IF because we do not believe they happen, we cannot see or experience them?

I know this to be true, for me anyway! Which means it can be true for you as well!! Oh yes, and I have a story in this new Bestselling book “Expect Miracles”!
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One of my mentors said “Whatever YOU believe is true…for YOU”…meaning You create your reality! Literally…OK , so you have heard that before and still do not see or feel it happening… well why not suspend your disbelief and try it? What do you have to lose?

I know you are in pain, or have money problems, your spouse or boss doesn’t understand you and you lack energy and passion!? I have been up and down so much, I have had my fair share of drama, trauma, loss. I have to tell you though, when I am believing, knowing, singing, being happy, looking for the goodies…they show up!!! When I don’t well…we all know what we get when we do not let ourselves live in possibilities.

Neal Donald Walsh says:
“Nothing is insoluable. Nothing. Do everything that you can to avoid the temptation of thinking that what is facing you now is insurmountable. That is simply not true. You cannot see the solution, of course, if you are convinced it is not there.”

So think about this: – “expect things to go wrong and you’ll attract it; – expect things to go right and you’ll attract that.
In short, you get what you expect. Don’t believe me?
Then you will find evidence to prove me wrong. Why?
Because that’s how your mind works.” Joe Vitale

I had a magical weekend, and yesterday I truly felt ‘charmed’…I felt like everything was going my way and could not stop. I felt like ridiculous amounts of stuff was insanely delightful! I went to a drive thru and the man who helped me was SO happy and SO polite and SO fun…it was amazing! I got $30 off on a large bill, without even asking, I was ina  best selling book….Why did all this happen?

Because I was in the right ‘inner space’… feeling, vibration. I felt good, I felt good about me, and I felt like all things are possible..and so I SAW, I NOTICED the miracles, the wonderful things happening all around me.

There have been many times in my life that I have suddenly realized, what I wanted was right in front of me, already a part of my life! It is amazing, fun and shocking…we actually can block experincing and seeing things for what they are by our beleifs and our negative feelings.

So look around, decide to let go of spending so much time on how bad things are and how they never work out and start to look for what is there…you will be amazed. Maybe not right away. Yet I work with coaching clients and they are often so deep in their own world and worries they can’t even think straight. But once we get some beliefs shifted and open up the flow of energy through you, you will begin to see and feel possibilities.

Are you ready to experience miracles, little and big each day?  Choose to, that’s the way to start…and tell me about your miraculous day!

Besides my story,  the book also explains what does work, so you can have, do, or be what you can joyfully imagine.

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