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What to do with hurt?

By November 20, 2008 Blog

“…that no man is hurt but by himself.

Diogenes said that, and he was right. Every person’s

experience is created internally, by him or herself. No

one outside of you can tell you what anything means,

or whether you are “hurt” or not. If you feel hurt by something or someone, it is the result of your decision to feel that way. This may be tough to hear, but it is true. You can change your mind at any moment about how something is affecting you.”
Neale Donald Walsh

Does this ring true to you? Do you get your feelings hurt? Do you still carry hurt inside you from incidents in the past? Well, many people do… and it is robbing us of our energy and focus in this moment.

I am right there with ya! Yes, I have always been “sensitive” (that is what my parents would say when I was growing up, that I was too sensitive because what they and my sister did hurt my feelings. So I was told it was me, they were not going to change or examine what they were doing, I had to “toughen up”!) Sound familiar to anyone? I recently went through several years of major and often painful change, divorce and more. It was so devastating to me at times because of the ‘hurtful’ things my ex and his attorneys were saying about me. I gave up most of my rights to get away from the ‘hurt’…to try to make them stop being ‘mean’ to me. I even ended up in hospital having tests on every part of me because I could not eat!

I was taking the things they, and my parents who sided with him, personally. I was allowing their actions, words and beliefs to affect me. Emotionally I was like a wounded animal, hiding and scared of what was next. Physically I was ill, mentally I was foggy and unable to function. I allowed something/one outside of me to affect me on all levels, and in an extreme way.

Why is that a big deal? Well, of course we all want to feel good and not one enjoys the feeling of being hurt, especially if you perceive that someone did something very cruel. So realizing you have a choice in how you feel in any moment is both empowering and gives you inner peace. Choosing what you believe and think about yourself, tuning in to that inner part that is the real you… this is real power. You have complete control over how you feel and once you access that understanding deep within you, it is like having the keys to the kingdom…any kingdom you choose!

But there is so much more than that! When you are hurt, angry , frustrated, scared, worried, it makes your mind race, your stomach upset and your focus distracted. You cannot get anything accomplished that is excellent quality, inspired or enjoy it while you are doing it. You are NOT in the moment.

Not being the moment, is such a huge detriment, yet so often not recognized for the magnitude that it carries.

Recently I was ‘hurt’ by a friend and business associate. I was stunned by what they said and did, are still doing. I felt that pain inside come up again. However this time, I stopped, took a deep breath and asked myself some very eye opening questions! It took a few hours, but I allowed myself to feel the hurt, and also let it move through me. I allowed myself to be angry and look at the facts, then I let it go and forgave. I took the knot in my stomach and I moved through it, unraveling it and looking, objectively at what was there making the feelings. Most of all I realized “ this experience is created internally…by me, not by the outside person and circumstance”. I took responsibility for the feeling and decided to choose a different thought,  feel a different feeling, tune in to by internal authentic, beautiful self, and allow the outside events to fade away.

If you want to regain your energy, focus, clarity, inspiration, love of life and choose NOT to be hurt by what others do and say anymore… join me now. I am doing 3 things to assist anyone who desires to take back their power and choose not to be hurt or scared by anything or anyone.

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Make a new choice today, feel good and enjoy life!