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Stand up for yourself

By November 21, 2008 Blog

Do you feel scared to upset people? Are you the ‘nice’ person, always trying to keep peace, make people happy and uplift the mood? Me too. But I have been ‘curing’ myself…and I recommend you do to!

Since we know we attract, create everything we experience, then we are the responsible party for what we get There are 2 main factors involved in determining what kind of life experience you have:
1. Your energy/mood/vibration: what ‘signals’ you put out determines what is drawn to you, into your life experience.
2. Your beliefs are the gateway: to what you allow in…or better said, what you are able to see/feel and experience.

When you are always bending over backwards to please others, to make peace, you aren’t living from within you. When you live from your core, your center of beingness, your soul, you live with ease, and you do not fear others. Fear of others opinions, whether they will like you, help you, give to you…this is a vibration of lack of worthiness. When you act from low self esteem, your output (outgoing frequency that law of attraction responds to) is low, and undefined. Yes, you have no boundaries, no clear delineations of who you are, what you want and why.

This makes you feel vulnerable and in many ways held hostage by others. How can you ask for what you want, create friendships and powerfully move in your life when you are undefined? This clarity of who you are, and what is and is not what you are and want it vital.

I used to think that by being the most flexible, giving and ‘nice’ person that I was being the best. Not true. I was not only allowing many people to walk all over me, because energetically they were very defined in who they are and they naturally perceive your energy and feel superior. You may not be able to see or feel this yet, but trust me If you are like many, many people out there, you only truly speak your mind and your truth in some or perhaps not even any situations. You only speak your truth around people you perceive as weaker than you. Like your kids or family, people you have known a long time. Or perhaps you feel ‘bullied’ by your family, or in a business situation.

Any time you feel uncomfortable and like someone is using leverage over you, stop. Look within and see if you are being undefined. Undefined? Yes, if we are ‘blurry’ with knowing who we are, we actually attract inconsistently…and we attract almost from a victim mode. Then when you are with others who are very definite about who they, we tend to feel ‘run over’. If you are naturally a ‘people pleaser’, it adds even more to the feelings that you are taken advantage of and feeling unable to speak u and ask for what you want.

So…are you speaking up, allowing honest and direct communication with the other person? Do you feel intimidated or controlled? Then stop. Look within, you have to know who you are and be willing to stand within it, in order to get respect and to be able to function in situations that you are unfamiliar or uncertain with.

I think this topic bears more discussion! I will write some more, but really look within and start to define, for yourself, who you are! It is not about hard lines and an ego run amuck! It is about acting form a place within you that KNOWS who you are and what is good or not for you. When this is natural, you do not need to push your ideals on anyone else, and you do not feel pushed around by theirs.

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