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Want to be empowered? Get mad!

By November 25, 2008 Blog

Want to be empowered? Get mad!!

WHAT? you say….yes, I am serious! Don’t stay mad, don’t live in it, but getting mad at something that is totally blocking your energy, distracting your focus, upsetting your stomach and frustrating you is good!

Here is why: when you are angry, mad, feel hurt, treated unfairly or unjustly, are shocked how someone else treated you, can’t stop thinking about one thing and it is not a happy thought… you are stuck in a holding pattern! You are not using all that energy for creation, you are using it to keep alive the past, the pain and the person you are mad at. You are only hurting yourself, it does nothing to anyone else! So why then am I recommending that you let yourself feel the anger?

Well, for one you are already feeling it, you are immersed in it, you are filled with it, but maybe not accepting it. You may be trying not to think about it, and all that does it build more frustration, it is like a dam of energy building up. If yo do not allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, you build up a whole bunch of energy that eventually has to burst! It may come out as yelling at someone who the anger has nothing to do with, like your kids or spouse. It may come out as you getting sick in your body, or worse. It may come out as a car accident, or even just you not being able to get something done.

So instead of dwelling on the anger and blocking, resisting and ignoring it, FEEL IT. Feel it fully, and allow it to move through you. FInd a plce to let it out, scream, yell, say things, hit a pillow, run… Anything to let yourself feel it fully. Then once it has moved through you, the energy will begin to come in to center and you can think more clearly. You can choose a new action, a new thought….

When you feel something fully, it dissipates…it loses power over you! So here’s what to do…

1. let yourself feel your anger, let it out, get the energy moving and express it in a safe way, alone

2. Release your thoughts and judgments about whatever made you mad, allow them to move through you too

3. Keep it as short as you can, whole mstill feeling you got it all out of you (there’s actually much less energy built up when you feel it immediately v.s. waiting, so it can move out more intensly, perhpas, but quicker.

4. Breathe deeply and pull your awareness into your core, center.

5. Relax and drop out of your mind and into your feelings, sensations, and tune in to them

6. Begin to focus into your center, draw in the scattered energy to your core

7.Relax and decide what you want to do now

Not only will you move on sooner, feel better and avoid potantial pain and disease… you will find you get to the fun sooner and more often. You will feel in power = the director of yourself. This is empowerment. Be in the moment, be in your power. Be true to yourself!

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One Comment

  • Hi Nan,

    Great post!! I found the most delicious way to get rid of pent up and unnamed or unspecific negative emotion.

    My husband and I have debates about controversial issues and take turns picking which side to argue in favor of.

    What a stretch it is to argue against something I feel strongly about. The curious thing is that the thoughts against my position are not so far away and just like acting a part, I can verbalize a great argument.

    We have lively discussions that are really invigorating and seem to clear the air between us!

    Great fun, try it!