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hot holiday cash & survival tools

By November 30, 2008 December 2nd, 2008 Blog

Want more money AND inner peace this holiday?

Be a magnet for Unexpected Surprises this holiday season!

Two Belief Shifting Experts & Personal Empowerment coaches want to help you attract extra holiday cash AND Thrive thru the holiday stress!
Join Nan Akasha & Catherine Behan for the

“Hot Holiday Cash & Survival Kit” class!

Go here now, to read more…it is 3 classes, Dec. 3, 10., 17…but BEST of all?!?!?!? The FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!!


Yes, I said free, so go now and get in on the first class…and get ready to have the best holiday of your life!!

* Totally new ways to blast away Limiting $ money $ beliefs
* Holiday stress relievers & Holiday Stress Clearing Audio
* “Negative Energy Shield”!!
* Activations to attract extra cash
* tips and tools to release stress and enjoy the holiday
* Powerful shifting exercise for your Holiday Money Worries
* Practical processes to bring ease and relief to your shopping
* Easy do it yourself techniques for dealing with difficult family members

CLICK HERE for Happy Holiday Money and Inner Peace!

Who is: Catherine Behan? A very loving yet powerful relationship expert and EFT coach
“I create experiences that interrupt your thoughts for a moment and during the pause, unearth perspectives not sensed before”

http://www.catherinebehan.com/ & http://howtomakeyourmanperfect.wordpress.com/