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Why is pain good?

By December 1, 2008 Blog

Why is pain good? Odd question eh? Well, I was pondering what I have been personally experiencing for the last week and well, yes it was painful in several ways. Emotionally there was some betrayal, shock and anger. Physically I got a sore throat, congested and sneezes…and i RARELY GET SICK, (I am not even joking on that, which is why I know it was not a ‘cold’, it was me releasing  a bunch of crap from my system, energetically). And yet, I feel really great! In fact, I am thrilled!

So, why do I feel great, am really happy I had that whole experience…in other words, why was pain good for me?

Well, for many reasons, most of us lean more, do more and definitely deal with and release more, when we suffer in some way. Apparently, according to many ‘experts’ we will do more to avoid pain than to get pleasure. Yet I was willing and conscious going into this ‘conflict’ and aware and pleased when I saw my body was detoxing like crazy!

To me, I want to get rid of ANYTHING that is holding me back from being 100% authentically me. ANYTHING that is blocking my joy and wealth from flowing freely and abundantly. ANYTHING that is limiting me from my full, true expression, full enjoyment and complete immersion in my life experience. In other words, I want freedom, joy, massive, wealth, abundant energy and health, tons of fun. I want to be totally  self aware, self realized and self confident. I want to live life fully from my inner self.

In order to do that, well, it is required to root out and release what no longer serves you,  what you think and do and feel that does not support you…make you feel good. This means being willing to speak up for yourself, express yourself honestly without fear of retribution and totally letting go of what others think. So often, getting to that point requires deep introspection, challenging experiences and standing up for yourself, even if it is only to yourself.

Whenever I go through a transition, a deeply transforming experience, I know at my core, it will be a huge benefit to me eventually. Releasing limiting beliefs and old programs from childhood, shifting negative thought patterns and habits all create an amazingly wonderful new energy, new opening, new life experience.
So why is pain good? Because I grow, I am happier, stronger inside and get to enjoy life at a deeper level when ever I process something and find the root of it and allow it to release and shift. Today was an amazing day! All kinds of wonderful things happened, surprises form the Universe, to tell me, ‘good job, now you get the goodies”. I am so very grateful…and well, that may be what started it all, being grateful for what was to come, in advance…ooo what a powerful space to be in, try it!

If you want to understand your pain, complete your breakthroughs, powerfully choose a new way of being and hear your bodies speaking to you, you can coach with me or join the Intuition Accelerator class that starts tomorrow. Either way, I am here to support you through your pain and help you get your goodies! 🙂 It’s worth it!!!!

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  • Nan,

    I LOVE you!!! And your wonderful Inner Being!

    You have the best typo ever…you said, “most of us lean more” I think you meant LEARN more, but what a message!

    Maybe we all could stand to LEAN a little more. LEAN on our Inner Being. LEAN on the Divine to iron out the rough spots and knit together the loose ends and take care of the detail!


    Gotta love it!

    I can’t wait til our class!! Hot Holiday Cash Coming Our Way! http://tinyurl.com/5b7k5n