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Create Your Own Reality News #13

By December 3, 2008 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Happy Holiday Month!!

It’s a fun month, parties, presents, vacation, festivities! My vision for you is to have a month filled with joy, friends, love, gifts and prosperity! I have some great ideas and info below, and some great support for the holidays. I know many people get very stressed in the holidays, and depressed or sad too…so there is some help here as well!

~ Free Class tonight on Hot Holiday Cash & Survival Tool Kit
~ Real Life Law of Attraction Stories
~ Great Gift: 75% off digital Mind Movies!
~ Free Holiday Healing all month long!

1. Free class tonight on Extra CASH & Thriving Tools for the Holidays

Starting TONIGHT Catherine Behan and I have put together the most FUN, POWERFUL and SUPPORTIVE class…to give you a whole new holiday experience! We want you to not only have extra cash, but release stress over holiday eating, family tension, shopping and budget worries and much more!! If you get sad, mad, stressed, overwhelmed or broke during the holidays…then this is for you!!

Check it out here, TONIGHT’s CLASS IS FREE!!!! http://www.createyourownrealitynow.com/products/hotholidaycash/

2. Real Life Law of Attraction Stories

Here’s something to lift you up and inspire you to go for what you want!  A Phenomenal Book, plus a bunch of goodies (even one from me!)!

Let me tell you about a book that came out recently that I believe has a tremendous potential to change your life. It’s called Living the Law of Attraction: Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

As a special bonus for you, authors Rich German and Robin Hoch have teamed up with dozens of authors and personal growth experts — including me — who support and recommend their book, to provide you with over 70 free gifts when you purchase their book today.

Click This Link Now:http://www.richgerman.com/bookpromo/livingthelawofattraction

If you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, but haven’t quite figured out how it can work for you, pick up this book and read the stories from everyday people who have experienced incredible results in their lives by harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction. A Perfect Holiday Gift!

If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season … give the gift of inspiration!  Living the Law of Attraction is full of empowering, inspirational stories that are just what we can all use in these stressful times.

3. Mind Movies 75% off!

Get Your Mind Movie Creation Kit for 75% Off AND Get FOUR Additional Bonuses Too! Valued at $537.00. If you did not get in on the “mind movie craze” a few months ago, you really need to do it now! This is an awesome tool that gives you  everything you need to make your own little movies all about YOU! Until midnight on Friday December 5th you can get the digital version of our entire Mind Movie Creation Kit for an unprecedented 75% off the regular price. Take Advantage Of Your Gigantic Discount here http://www.mindmovies.com/orderit/indexSpecial.php?10860

An awesome manifestation tool…it works on many levels and as a hypnotherapist and manifestation teacher, HIGHLY recommend this! It is a ton of fun too. You pick what you want to create, like more money, or a new car, love, or a combination, and then you put together pictures and music that inspire you to feel good, and change your mindset. You watch the movie and share it, even put it on utube if you want. I am creating a few for clients and classes and of course, for me. http://www.mindmovies.com/orderitindexSpecial.php?10860

Here is a video message about it: http://www.mindmovies.com/1-VIDEO-EMAIL

In fact, I am making some as presents this year! What a great idea, and it costs you nothing and it is so personalized!! So check it out, cause best of all, you don;t have to wait…it is now delivered digitally and you can get it right away!! Click here to find out more

4. Healing for the Holidays all month!

My Intend Global Healing Free Weekly healing call will be healing holiday stresses all month. Each Thursday at Noon you can listen in over the web or phone while I do a 30 minute healing. Drawing on the healing powers of the Universe, I will explore the inner peace and joy that we all seek so we can enjoy the holidays and not buy into the stress. I will do a money healing as well, so get signed up now at intendglobalhealing.com. It’s free, there are people form ALL over the globe adding their intentions and names, and the replay is always available to download and re listen to!