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To your BEST Holiday Ever!

By December 12, 2008 Blog

You can still join the ‘Hot Holiday Cash & Survival Tool Kit” class…it has so much in it to support, uplift, clear and empower you. Not only to have the best holiday ever, but there’s really powerful money clearings that are still getting results!

Here’s some of what we shared with people in an uplifting email today, I hope you enjoy it and have a magical weekend! It is my birthday tomorrow, and I am off to begin the celebration! You have permission to celebrate too!!

Uplifting tip to keep your Merry Mindset for the best holiday ever: Take a moment in the morning to set your self in the merry mood. Close your eyes and see yourself at the best party ever. There are all people you love and you are laughing and having a great time. Carry that feeling with you all day!

Pamper Yourself: Treat yourself to a pedicure…wow these are amazing. Call around and find one that soaks your feet, puts you in a massage chair and gives you headphones! And be sure they massage and rub your legs and feet too. You will be so relaxed and glowing! Women, you can even pick a festive holiday color for your toenails!

Money Tip: Ask for “Yummy Money”. My new course is all about yummy money. What is it? Delicious and warm and fuzzy, it tastes good… you WANT it! Right? Everyone wants something that is YUMMY!!

Laugh:  Christmas Carol Quiz

Reminder: This is your BEST holiday ever…how does it feel? Stay with that all day! To the magic!