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Magic Potions Holiday Sale!

By December 17, 2008 Blog

Have you been to the Magic Potions site yet? Visit now, to receive 30% off on ALL vibrational essences through December 30th!

Use Coupon Code MAGIC08 to receive the 30% discount in your shopping cart.

The sales includes the SPIRIT OF MONEY ESSENCE! This is a powerful mix of vibrations that tune your vibration to the frequency of the essence of money; when you are aligned with money, law of attraction beings it to you. If you tune your vibration to that of the essence of money, it will be drawn to you from all directions.  Get it now for only $25.18, over $10 off!

The set of healers, 6 amazing essences to align and focus you to tune into their inner guidance, balance and open their energies. These include essences such as THE MAGNETIC POWER OF LOVE, and RESTORE PEACE AND HARMONY, plus Perfect Light and Harmony of True Healing & HOLD THE MIND STEADY. Get $46.50 OFF now with coupon Code MAGIC08

There’s also your own personal mix, this is designed just FOR YOU, now over $14 off!

Check out all the wonderful, all natural essences, designed to bring you peace, harmony and gentle yet powerful results.