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Transform Your World

By December 26, 2008 Blog

“The darkness of our world awaits you — not to engulf you, but to be transformed by you.” Neale Donald Walsh

Are you transforming your world? Yes, you are. Whether it feels like it or not, you are. The real question is, if you are not doing it intetnionally, then what are you transforming it to be? Kinda scary huh?!

We are the light, and we have an effect on everything we interact with. People, places, animals, lants, the world, and our future. Mostly our future.

So, right now, what are you doing and being that is having a wildly fantastic, delicious and prosperous effect on the world? Well, for starters we mjust look at our own lives. Is it fun, happy, filled with joy? How often 10%, 50% 80% of the time? Is it yummy, tasty, juicy…does your mouth water whn you think of what you are goign to do each day? Is is lucrative, full of prosperous surprises and a never ending flow of money and gifts? Is it filled with generous, loving, kind, adventurous and inspiring people?

You are the light that fills the world. How bright are you letting your light shine? Have you taken off the cover and are you really letting it shine? How do  you know? Well, for one, you feel great most of the time. You love yourself and you are willing to follow your heart and your instincts above all else. You touch people just by being you. And most of all, you are excited about what each day brings because you are living life now, not working for ‘someday’.

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I know you are worth it. Do you? Wouldn’t right now be a great time to unleash your light into your world and enjoy life to the fullest? Go for it!