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How do you find your inner compass?

By March 2, 2009 March 12th, 2009 Blog

compass-photoWonder what to do next? Want to know what choice, what direction is going to bring you the true inner happiness that you seek?

I speak a lot about our ‘inner voice’. I realized recently, while working with a client, that the term ‘inner voice’ may be confusing. So I am using the term ‘inner compass’. A compass tells us which direction is what way. It points to true north, and in a spiritual sense, that is our true path. We are always making decisions, all day, in every moment, we are choosing. Choosing our thoughts, feelings, choosing what we think things and experiences mean. We choose our relationships and how to nurture them. We choose what  action to take or not take. Choices are a huge part of our life.

Often there is indecision and confusion when it comes to making a choice. I know my one daughter, although highly opinionated and strong willed, dislikes making choices much of the time. She feels overwhelmed and often will not choose, even for something as simple as what to eat. I find that many clients have a hard time trusting their inner voice or inner guidance. It is a vital component in your life. Feeling unsure, confused and scared to make a choice, for fear it will be the wrong one, is paralyzing. I see it all the time.

We are born with an internal guidance system. A spiritual GPS or SatNav (satellite navigation) so to speak. We have all the ‘knowing’ inside us that we need to live a very ideal life. When we make decisions and choices based on this inner compass, we are always being true to our selves. We are on track and we can trust that whatever appears in our life experience, it is a doorway to what we have been wanting. This is where the best and most fulfilling choices are made. Our inner landscape (this is what I call our emotions, our source energy or soul and our connection to the Divine) always leads us to our highest good, and through a path that will help shape our personal life experience, just for us.

So, how do you find your inner compass? Well, as I said above, I teach a lot about tuning in to your inner voice. A client recently told me, that although she was very sensitive to energies and could visualize vividly, she was confused because she did not hear a “voice”.  Well, it is not an actual, physical voice that is whispering to you, although many people receive information in words or translate feeling into sentences. It is energy, vibration, translated by your bodies senses into something that has meaning to you. Relaxing, is the start to allowing the feelings to move through you and to pay attention to them. When you are tuned in to your inner feelings, you know your energy and in this way you can most easily shift. Being able to choose and shift your energy, therefore the way you feel, in a moment, gives you command over your life.

You are the master of your reality. In my new class, which you can still join!!!!!, Total Wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse, we are learning to directly tune in to that inner compass and trust it. Imagine in any situation to be able to remain centered and ‘feel’ your way to the best decision for you! Here are some of simple steps to  get you started:

1. Find your  inner compass ‘feeling’: what image invokes the feelings of pure inner peace, relaxation, safety, effortlessness and joy? Find that deep sensation of trust, where you feel like all is well and being taken care of you and you can just ride a long, knowing that you are being taken to exactly the right spot for you! Really get merged with that feeling and the image that you find most powerfully and instantly evokes that feeling for you. (See Friday’s blog about how one client does it: Find your Inner Cruise Ship)

2. Once you find that feeling, make it your template for making choices. If something does not being up that compass feeling, than do not do it. Only do what makes you feel like you are moving into that space of calm source connection and joy.

3. Make an agreement with yourself: never to do anything that does not line up with the feeling. Do not take action that simply wastes your energy. Worrying, wondering, asking other people for their opinion, this is all lack of trust in your own inner guidance. You only have to move how you feel about the opportunity over the template of your compass feeling and see if they align.

4. Shift to fit your template. When a particular event or other situation does not feel good to you, begin to look at what you can do to align with it. Is it possible to shift your involvement, commitment, role or thoughts about this situation? You maybe able to shift your perspective or the meaning you give it and have it line up with feeling good. If you cannot, then it is not the correct choice for you.

5. Choose for you, not others. This is typically the hardest part for most of us. We are so trained to please others and not ‘let them down’, or ‘follow though on or commitments’ that we do things that are not right for us. The bottom line is, we have to choose what is best for us, no matter what, because this is how we create our reality the way we want. And when we are creating our ideal reality and living it, we have more to give, more to offer, more of everything. So be brave, and stop choosing based on what others think or want. Choose based on your own inner compass, and you will always flow with the joy and abundance you desire.

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