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News From the Muse #17: Smile your way to riches

By March 4, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

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  • Top 3 impacts your feelings on money has on you
  • Be Happier; Make More Money
  • Embrace more happiness and mastery over negativity
  • Purpose, Persistence, Passion

Top 3 impacts your feelings on money has on you

You will be shocked at how big an impact money has on your life…. in this blog I wrote the other day, I shared a lot of the experiences my total wealth transformation class is having.  I, personally, already know how huge the impact our feelings and beliefs about money have on our health, happiness and life. I have experienced wealth and poverty, joy and sadness, loss and abundance. I know that the key to life is joy. I know that when we are happy, we align with all things good, and our life flows. I know that money is a huge stresser, and stress causes illness, depression and divorce. Happiness relieves stress and so much more (be sure to read ALL of the section below called “Be happier: make more money”, it has so many fascinating, scientific  facts about happiness and it’s effects!).
So what does that have to do with money? Well, if you look at your relationship with money, and your experience with money, you will easily see the inconruency. Money, in our society, is a necessity and is highly emotionally charged and sought after. We all had experiences in childhood that made us feel powerless, it is the nature of being a child. Your paretns were in control of almost everything, especially money. their attitudes, emotions and patterns about money were the first experience you had with it. That started you placing meaning and emotions onto money. You wanted something and if you got it you felt happy. If your parents said no, or ‘I can’t afford it”, or “do I look like I am made of money”, and you did not get it, you felt sad, angry or frustrated. Human nature. You naturally want to be happy.

Well, it is really no different as an adult. We have things we want, from a nice house or car to the ability to put our kids through college, leave a foundation for charity or take a trip. Whatever it is you want, you want it because you think it will make you happy, make you feel good. Most of the things you want, require money. Even the feeling of security, safety and peace of mind that you can pay your bills, require money. So you can see, there is no way you can avoid money having an impact on your life. Add to that the emotions attached to having money or not, and you begin to see how you rarely go through a day without some kind of money experience touching you. The thing is, most adults have not taken any time to look at how they feel about money, or ‘work on’ their relationship with money.   Most people do not even realize that they do have a relationship with money, and most likely it is negative, and energy draining.

Impact #1: Health. We all know what stress does to our health and if you experience it severely enough, severe dis-ease. If you are worried about money or your job, angry with an ex spouse or boss about money, feel not good enough or worthy or even  have a lot of money and worry about losing it, you have money stress. (See next article to see health and wealth benefits of happiness). You inner peace and happiness are directly related to how you feel about money and that is directly related to your energy, focus, clarity, creativity, flexibility, and body image.

Impact#2: Divorce. Even if you are not married, any relationship, especially love ones, suffer greatly due to disagreements over money. Money is the proven #1 cause of divorce and break up. Imagine, someone you love more than anyone else int he world, and you have such strong, negative feelings about money, you let it ruin your primary relationship. Don’t believe me? Look at you and your spouse, or partner’s ideas and attitudes about money. They will be aligned to some degree, but everyone carries their old baggage. Your upbringing and beliefs about money are not the same.  You have different levels of desire for things, and therefore prioritize them differently. As your relationship changes and grows, so do you, and you will see your limiting beliefs about money create conflict.

Impact #3: Failure. What I mean by failure is several things. Failure to do what you really want and follow your heart. Failure to ask for what you want, because you fear rejection. Failure to value yourself enough, that others see your worth and pay you well. Failure to start or complete. Failure to love yourself enough to put your feelings first so you have more to give others. Failure to believe in yourself and therefore have more to give others. Failure to share your ideas, love, energy and uniqueness. Failure as a state of being, feeling like a failure for a multitude of reasons. Worried about being a failure, keeping you from acting on ideas that would bring wealth, love and joy. Feeling like a failure, or fearing failing, is hugely tied to money. Most people value them selves based on income, job title, success in monetary terms. Most people want more money yet experience fear of failure that keeps them from trying to create more. If you feel like a failure because you do not make enough money, or you made money and lost it, or you fear losing it, or are afraid to start a business because you might fail, money is impacting your life big time!

So, how do you loosen and release the amount of and type of impact money has on your and your life?

  • Join the total wealth transformation class right now, You have till March 10th.
  • Get a coach, I coach people on money issues and all other areas all the time.
  • Get an audio to change your inner world relationship with money: Reboot Your Inner Money Machine or the NEW: “Yummy Money” audio set
  • Join a Monthly Coaching Program: My brand new program, starting April 1st (yes, it’s not a joke!) Is going to support you, expand you and guide you to mastering your life, and starting at only $47 a month!!! 
  • Start by realizing you DO have a relationship with money and write down how you feel about it. Then begin to choose how you want to feel, what kind of relationship you really want. You are the Creator of your life experience. Be willing to recognize how much of an impact your beliefs, and feelings about money have on your actual real life experience. Then let go of worry, guilt and whatever other excuse your inner critic has to say, and commit to change it now. Only you can do it.

Be Happier; Make More Money

If you know me, you know I am big on being joyful, having fun, feeling good. Changing how you feel, changes everything. It sounds simple, but it is true. It is what we all want anyway. Happiness. So why don’t more people get that? It sounds too simple to be true People often ask me the single most important thing they can do to duplicate the success I’ve achieved in life. If I told them, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, they’d laugh. But if they only knew what you’re about to learn, they truly would be smiling ear to ear.

If you really do want to relieve your stress over the ‘recession’ and open the door to more wealth, no matter what is going on around you, focus on feeling good, be happy. I strongly urge you to read the letter below, and you’ll be making way for wealth and riches to flow into your life even in this recession. Because Happiness Brings Money. Not the other way around. You will learn very powerful facts about how to create your life the way you want it here, and you only have to read… I endorse this100%. Keep reading…

I nearly drove into the ditch when I heard on the radio that people who are happy earn $750,000+ more in their lifetime than others. That’s an eye-opener especially given today’s economy. More than 255 studies show that money doesn’t buy happiness. Studies say it is the other way around: Happiness brings money.

Happy people are more fulfilled, relaxed, and peaceful, even in this recession. They naturally have greater opportunities, better health, deeper friendships, more success, and so on. Their happiness is NOT because they get all of the good stuff. Rather, they’re naturally happier and, as a result, the good stuff comes.… including high wages. Great relationships. Career advancements. Customers. Great deals. Contentment at home. Isn’t that the best way to live life? Not chasing money or external things to make you happy, but simply being happy from the inside out and enjoying the rewards.

You may have heard of Marci Shimoff’s phenomenal bestseller “Happy for No Reason,” which has just now come out in paperback for less than $15—it is so useful in today’s world that it’s published in 28 languages. This is a breakthrough book, a practical book — not a Pollyanna-ish book — that shows you step by step how to raise your baseline of happiness. This means that no matter what happens at work or in your relationships– no matter what stress plows into you – no matter the financial news — no matter how dire the circumstances — you will AUTOMATICALLY return to a higher level of happiness than you have today. It’s clear: you don’t have to get richer, thinner, or smarter to be happier.

That’s huge. That’s why after I read the first chapter, I exclaimed, “Holy cow! This will change the world.”This book should be on every desk… in every office… every school… every nightstand. It should be in the hands of everyone you know. And for the price, you ought to consider buying copies for your friends and family. You see… author Marci Shimoff has broken the code on happiness. All we’ve ever really wanted in life is to be happy. And Marci’s book shows you how. She gives you a clear, 7-step program that’s effective and fast. It works from the inside, out.

I’m so convinced that you should read this book, I’m going to give you additional resources to make sure you raise your happiness set-point and not just read about it. http://www.HappyForNoReason.com/MyBook
Buy the new paperback “Happy for No Reason” today and you will receive these fantastic programs as a gift:

* “2009 Happy for No Reason Coaching Manual” — plus live group coaching session with Marci over the telephone.

* “Eliminate the #1 Belief that Blocks Your Happiness” — an online interactive process with expert Morty Lefkoe.

* “The Passion Test Online” powerful software program to discover your passions, plus 30 days free access to create your personal Passion Plan

* “The HeartMath De-Stress Kit” — a 15-page guide with helpful practices to manage stress during these challenging times

And there is more! You also receive: * “Happiness: From the Blues to Bliss” recording by Marci and award-winning actress and author, Mariel Hemingway

* Turn Happiness into Money recording by Marci and CNBC wealth expert Phil Town

* Feng Shui for Happiness & Prosperity recording by Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond

* Happiness Meditation with Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin     and to make you still more happy…

* Over 150 top authors and thought leaders, including Jack Canfield, John Gray, Nan Akasha, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, will give you recordings that support you having a wonderful, happiness-filled life of abundance and peace. (These alone are valued at more than $3000!) Through these additional resources, you will understand how to be happier from so many perspectives that it would be nearly impossible for you not to radically improve your life by raising your baseline for happiness.

Order your book right now by going to:  HappyForNoReason.com/MyBook

Rhonda Byrne, creator of “The Secret” wrote… “I want to let you in on a secret to ‘The Secret.’ The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to BE and FEEL happy now! It is the fastest way to bring money and anything else you want into your life.”
You may have seen Marci Shimoff in The Secret movie. Marci is an undisputed expert on the Law of Attraction. Like Rhonda, she knows that Happiness is a powerful attractor. She knows — and she teaches you in the book and on the free recordings — that happiness helps draw to you whatever you want.

That’s how she became a #1 New York Times best-selling author, even before the paperback was released. People have purchased more than 13 million copies of her books. That is extraordinary considering that most books never sell more than 2500 copies. She is a mega successful author who knows that happiness is the secret to life. And she knows how to help anyone — YOU! — quickly become happier, and remain happy for the rest of your life. And that’s what you get in her book and in the special bonus recordings that you will receive right now when you order her book.

Why was Marci on NBC’s “The Today Show?” Why did PBS produce a special on happiness with Marci as the host? Because as one magazine declared, “Happiness is the newest fashion.” People are finally figuring out – with the help of the lousy economy — that it isn’t the new flat screen TV, or the iPhone, or the new wardrobe that makes you happy.It’s the old chicken/egg thing. And happiness definitely comes first. Marci figured out how you can have happiness bubble up naturally from within, which is why the national media is clamoring to get her attention. She discovered that everything you need to be happier is inside – you just the simple instructions to uncover it. And, you should, because…

Unhappiness shortens your life: Research shows that unhappy people:
* Have a greater risk of heart disease, strokes, hypertension, infections, and Type 2 diabetes
* Release more of the stress hormone cortisol. They have a higher heart rate and may be at higher risk for heart attacks
* Are 65% more likely to get a cold
* Are less likely to find a spouse
* Live nine years fewer than their happy counterparts
So… when you are happy, you are likely to live longer. You are more emotionally and physically healthy, creative, energetic, compassionate, and successful!

…..In Marci’s book you will…..take a test of 20 questions…..to determine your level of happiness. You’ll then be given a practical 7-step strategy to increase your level of happiness and decrease the risks.  HappyForNoReason.com/MyBook

Beware of this advice:  “Find the things that make you happy and do more of those.” That sounds good, but it’s a trap! Your life would quickly fall out of balance if your happiness depended on your 401K, your home, your job, your health, your relationships…

You want to automatically generate happiness all of the time NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. You don’t want to rely on anything else for your happiness. Not achievements, goals, money, relationships, a new car, fancy clothes, other people, or anything else “out there.” You learn how in Marci’s book. It’s beautiful, simple, and practical, and written for today’s times.

How to beat your genetics: Believe it or not, happiness is 50% genetics. That’s why some people are just happy-go-lucky with everything turning up roses. That’s also why some people just seem to be rich automatically, without trying, even with the stock market at all time lows. But that’s not the whole story. 50% of your happiness level is NOT genetics. The other 50% can be controlled by you! In the same way that you can crank the thermostat to warm up on chilly days, you can reprogram your happiness “set-point” to a higher level of peace and well-being. This happiness set-point is the level of happiness that you maintain most of your life. If you are unhappy now, you will likely be unhappy 10 years from now… unless you do something to change it.
In her book Marci gives you a 7-step practical program to raise your happiness set-point quickly, easily, and effectively… so that you will be happier and happier in all areas of your life.

The Happy 100: Marci interviewed 100 unconditionally happy people. She combined the interviews with cutting-edge research and knowledge from the world’s leading experts in the fields of positive psychology and neurophysiology. From that she developed the powerful, proven 7-step program that you can incorporate into your life to be happier right now — no matter where you start, no matter what’s going on in your life. You’ll discover profound first-person stories of people who’ve applied these steps to their own lives to become Happy for No Reason. You’ll read phenomenal tales from a former drug-dealer turned minister, a hit film-maker, a political refugee, and a famous actress who escaped a family curse, as well as stories from doctors, nurses, mothers, teachers and business executives.

You’ll learn practical, down-to-earth strategies based on the new science of happiness that will help you experience happiness from the inside out. You don’t have to have happy genes, win the lottery, lose 20 pounds, or become a saint. By the time you finish reading Marci’s book, you will know how to experience an authentic state of sustained happiness for the rest of your life. Add the bonus recordings and you have an unbelievable course in happiness that will put you on a course of miracles in your life. For less than $15!

Are you ready to be happier?

I know that if you have read to the end of this letter you are quite likely to buy Marci’s book and receive the bonus resources and gifts. I shudder to think about the unfortunate few who will just go on with their day and not order the book now. I am absolutely convinced of the power within this book. I hope my passion, sincerity, and conviction comes through in this letter. I hope you grab this opportunity to add so many riches in your life — for so few dollars right now. Take that step, and order your own personal copy of Marci Shimoff’s “Happy for No Reason.” Get a copy for your best friend, your co-worker, and your favorite sibling. And come back within 14 days to claim your bonus recordings.  HappyForNoReason.com/MyBook

Please write Marci and me about your experiences with “Happy for No Reason.” To Your Personal Happiness, Pete Bissonette President of Learning Strategies, Eager student of Marci Shimoff, Great fan of the treasure of “Happy for No Reason”

P.S. – Here are reviews from 21 people you may recognize:

1)With Happy for No Reason, Marci Shimoff has hit a home run. This book presents a definitive, broad-based approach to becoming truly happy that combines great spiritual depth, top-notch research, and psychological practicality. I’m certain that if you follow the practices in her dazzling new book, you too will manifest a lifetime of happiness.— From the foreword by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

2) You can’t depend on external circumstances for lasting happiness. It has to come from inside you. Based on scientific research and the experiences of truly happy people, Happy for No Reason shows you step-by-step how to raise your happiness set-point.— Mehmet C. Oz MD, coauthor of You: on a Diet and You: Staying Young

3)Marci Shimoff is one of the most compelling people I’ve ever known. I’m happy she’s shared her wisdom with all of us in Happy for No Reason.— Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love

4) Happy for No Reason offers seven clear, powerful and effective steps you can practice to be happier right now!— John Gray, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

5) This book is a wonderful collection of techniques and examples, shared by people who have had one of the most important realizations I think we can have — that we already have within us the ability to live in a state of Happy for No Reason.— Lindsay Wagner, The Bionic Woman, Emmy Award-winning actress

6) Tremendous! Marci Shimoff has produced a book that is practical, inspiring, and accessible. Happy for No Reason gives readers powerful ways to become happier in all dimensions of life: body, mind, heart, soul, personal power, purpose, and relationships. It’s seven books holistically rolled into one.— Stephen M. R. Covey, bestselling Author of The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything

7) I love this practical approach to true happiness. The real-life stories of people who are Happy for No Reason are extraordinarily moving and inspiring — just reading this book made me happier!— Olivia Hussey, Golden Globe Award-winning Actress

8) If you want to be happy (and who doesn’t?) Marci Shimoff has — amazingly — “cracked the code” for doing so. This isn’t the latest pop-psychology craze. Instead, it’s based on the latest scientific research about real and lasting happiness. What if you (or your loved ones) really could be happy, regardless, of circumstances? Happy for No Reason shows you how–and it’s easier than you think. This remarkable book is sure to change a lot of lives, including yours.— Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute

9) Happy for No Reason offers an engaging, wise and profound look at happiness that can change your life. Marci Shimoff has creatively crafted a purposeful guide to assist us in experiencing the gift of happiness.— Chaka Khan, Grammy Award-winning Singer & Songwriter, Author, and Philanthropist

10) Rule #1 for happiness: READ THIS BOOK! Be happy for no reason, because everything else comes from that. If you want health, wealth and wisdom, follow the Happiness Habits presented in these pages and transform your life.— Phil Town, #1 New York Times bestselling Author of Rule #1, Host of CNBC show, Rebel Investor

11) In Happy for No Reason, Marci Shimoff shares a new paradigm of happiness, rooted in ancient wisdom, yet validated by cutting-edge research in the fields of both neuroscience and positive psychology. I was enthralled the whole way through.— Candace B. Pert, PhD, Scientific Director RAPID Pharmaceuticals, featured in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!? and Author of Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d

12) Happy for No Reason is the most important book about happiness you’ll ever read! A completely unique and life-changing approach to being happy no matter what.— Raymond Aaron, Canada’s #1 Business and Investment Coach

13) Marci Shimoff has opened a new era of inner peace for humanity with her brilliant work. The search for happiness now starts and ends inside us as we raise our happiness set-point using her insightful guidance. As an educator, I’m most impressed at how Marci presents a complex topic in an easy-to-read and easy-to-share book. I recommend it happily!— Paul R. Scheele, Co-founder, Learning Strategies Corporation, Author, Natural Brilliance and PhotoReading

14) Happy for No Reason is a wonderful guide for how to be happier as individuals, and how to share that happiness with our families, our communities and our world. Everyone will benefit from the wisdom and coaching that this valuable book offers.— Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee, CEO and President, Co-founders of Operation Smile

15) Happy for No Reason offers a practical and hopeful solution to fear, depression, anxiety, and stress. Here’s the secret: Each of us has the ability to focus on joy and happiness –regardless of what is going on in the world. And therein lies our power… and ability to be healthy and happy. This book is a winner.— Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause

16) Wonderful! This book provides a program that will bring you powerful results. Finding lasting happiness has never been as clear and easy.— Bobbi DePorter, Co-founder and President, Quantum Learning Network/SuperCamp.

17) Happy for No Reason not only reports on the lofty science of happiness, but the authors also wisely remember to include stories from the lives of everyday people.Robert Biswas-Diener, Program Director for Education and Learning, Center for Applied Positive Psychology (UK)

18) Wealth and Success are meaningless without happiness! Happy for No Reason shows you how to be happy wherever you are in life.— Dr. Ivan Misner, Chairman and Founder of BNI (Business Networks International)

19)”Happy for No Reason is THE premier book for any person wanting to experience more happiness. Keep it by your bedstand! It’s an important book to show you how you can be happy every day.” — Jill Lublin, International Speaker and bestselling Author of Guerrilla Publicity, Networking Magic and Get Noticed

20) This book will change the way you think about happiness. In Happy for No Reason, Marci Shimoff has plenty of reasons to share this wisdom. If you want more joy, peace and well-being in life, this book is for you.–Yakov Smirnoff, MAPP (Master of Applied Positive Psychology) and Comedian

21) If you are looking for a book to profoundly and positively uplift your life in the most glorious of ways, you will find it in Happy for No Reason. It’s captivating, eye-opening, and life-changing.” Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling Author of Your Destiny Switch

P.P.S. – Truth is emerging: Being happy IS how to have it all. It used to be that if we couldn’t have it all, we would at least want happiness. We now know that if you have happiness, everything else can flow to you. Order Marci’s new book today, and then claim the special bonuses and resources.


~ Embrace more happiness and mastery over negativity

Here is another great resource for your happiness. An amazing woman and master of energy and emotions, has a book you will love! Judith Orloff MD, bestselling author and UCLA psychiatrist, invites you on a remarkable journey where you can embrace more happiness and mastery over negativity than you may have ever known. Our world is in the midst of a meltdown. She describes how to stay intuitively and spiritually centered in our times.
Dr. Orloff celebrates the exciting launch of her new book: “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life” (Harmony). She is treating you to an incredible book launch one time offer with special gifts from Judith and others such as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Nan Akasha, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Michael Beckwith and more!
In “Emotional Freedom” Dr. Orloff states: “I’m presenting the unique process I use with patients to view emotions as a path to spiritual and intuitive awakening (not EFT). I synthesize traditional medicine with energy medicine to offer you new tools to master emotions and become heroes in your own life. Inner peace leads to outer peace in the world.”
Publisher’s Weekly’s review of “Emotional Freedom” says this: “[Dr. Orloff] regards emotions as a training ground for the soul, and views “every victory over fear, anxiety, and resentment as a way to develop your spiritual muscles.””

“Emotional Freedom” has rave reviews from Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candace Pert, Christiane Northrup MD, Caroline Myss, Dean Ornish MD, and Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize winning poet.  They call it “Spectacular,” “A must-read,” “A heartfelt, accessible guide,” and “Resolutely compassionate.”
In the book, you will discover:
* Four questions to transform fear with courage
* What is your emotional type?
* How to stop absorbing the emotions of others
* How to combat emotional vampires with compassion
* The spiritual meaning of depression and hope

If you’d like to liberate yourself from negative emotions, and compassionately own the moment in all situations instead of simply being reactive…
Purchase book and claim gifts at: drjudithorloff.com/emotional-freedom-promotion
P.S.  Nelson Mandela said:  “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Help liberate others and share this announcement with them.   For more inspiration and information visit  drjudithorloff.com

Purpose, Persistence, Passion

When you buy Judith’s book, one of the bonuses is from me: “Purpose, Persistence, Passion” Do you really want to uncover your true purpose, tap into your persistence and ignite your passion? In this thirty-minute audio, uncover the key reasons why most people:- do not know what they are meant to do- have a hard time moving forward through the ups and downs – can only turn their passion on part-way and keep losing it. Knowing your purpose, being persistent in moving towards it, and then adding the fuel
of your passion for what you are creating is the key to a fulfilling life!


  • Sana says:

    Dear Nan
    What would you recommend to people like me who think that we have tried the Law of Attraction and many other motivation books, but things have not changed for me. What can I do.

  • Nan says:

    Hi Sana,
    That is a great question! So many people feel they have tried Law of Attraction and not gotten results. It is common feeling. There can be many reasons, and without personally working with you I can’t ID the exact ones. First realize, the law of attraction is just a law, it operates no matter what you do. So ‘trying’ the law of attraction is a mis-conception. It operates whether you try to make it work or not. The key to understanding how it works is, you can then play the game well because now you know the rules!

    There is more to releasing at the core, the beliefs and patterns that you attract and act from. The key to transformation has several components like; a Strong desire to change, and willingness to let go and detachment, and knowing where to put your focus, direct your energy towards what you want. Making yourself number one priority, commitment to feel good and changing the meanings you give things…

    What to do: well I like getting a coach and audios. Start paying attention to your thoughts and words and spend more time focusing on how you feel inside and follow that feeling. Choose to adopt beliefs
    that support what you want and look for it!
    My audios like “Reboot Your Inner Money Machine” and “Getting Ego on Your Side” and more are all designed to guide you to taking command of your emotions, mind and focus. See them at the products page here.
    Join the new monthly coaching program: go to the coaching page on this site to see more.
    Finally, make a free 30 minute strategy session appointment with me! Email me at [email protected]
    Also I do a free healing call each week at http://intendglobalhealing.com
    Let me know how I can help!
    Thanks, Nan